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Archived Characters [28]

Character Species Alignment
Anthon TarkHumanLawful Neutral
Ashes DarkmareHedgefoxNeutral Good
Brian McCallisterHumanLawful Evil
Carmilla "Millie" Daciana SāngerosVampire BatChaotic Evil
CiroCybernetic DragonNeutral Good
Dranar SilverscaleDragonLawful Good
Fiona The Fox FoxLawful Neutral
Honey the CatCatNeutral Neutral
JulesRatNeutral Good
Liliana WrightHumanLawful Evil
LowellHumanNeutral Neutral
Matilda the ArmadilloArmadilloNeutral Neutral
Mighty The ArmadilloArmadilloNeutral Good
Mirage SharkyThrasher SharkNeutral Good
NinaMacaroni PenguinNeutral Neutral
Noelle Lightheart and Commander ReisHumanNeutral Good
Percival SimmonsHumanNeutral Good
Pitus DFoxChaotic Good
RosettaAndroidNeutral Good
RustyRobotChaotic Good
ScyllAdelie Penguin (Genetically Modified)Neutral Neutral
Sehsa NightmareAndroid Hedgefox(Personality)Lawful Evil
SkyLynxChaotic Good
Snively RobotnikHumanNeutral Neutral
Sonic the HedgehogHedgehogChaotic Good
SylvesterPangolinNeutral Good
Violet PrimroseHumanNeutral Good
Yusuke FlamebringerCatChaotic Neutral

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