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  • OOC - Out Of Character. ( Type like this to comment when a channel is IC )
  • IC - In Character. Anything you type is interpreted as your character saying or doing what you input.
  • RP - Short for Roleplay.
  • OP - Channel Operator (Signified with a @ next to their nick.) They're in charge, what they say goes.
  • HOP - Half-Operator (Signified with a % next to their nick.) Treat them with respect.
  • Voice - RPer. (Signified with a + next to their nick.) Anyone that has an approved character gets this status.
  • FC - Feature Character. IE: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc.
  • OC - Original Character. This would be a character of your own making.

In order to access the roleplay, you'll need an IRC client.
We reccomend mIRC for windows users.
If you can not download a client, or do not wish to, you may use one of many online clients on other sites, like Mibbit. (We used to have one on our page, but we discontinued it a while ago.)

Setting up mIRC
Add a new server ( ) using the port 6667.
Click the connect button.
After connecting, type the following in the text box:
/join #mobius

If you need further help after joining, please ask one of the locals.
If you see "Channel is: IC" in the topic, please (( Type with brackets. ))

  • /join #mobius - Joins the channel #mobius.
    • The # is a required name prefix when joining channels.
  • /nick nickname - Set your nickname to nickname.
  • /me action - Performs the specified action.
    • Example: /me performs an action.
    • Yields: * nickname performs an action.
  • !ic - Switches #mobius to In Character mode. Use if an RP session is going to take place.
  • !pause - Pauses #mobius. Use if an RP session is going on, and it needs to be temporarily stopped.
  • !ooc - Switches #mobius to Out of Character mode. Use if the channel is no longer roleplaying.

Enabling 3rd party cookies for IE:
  • Move your cursor over to the menu option tools.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Lower the bar to Accept all cookies. (The lowest option.)
Enabling 3rd party cookies for Firefox/Mozilla:
  • Move your cursor over to the menu option Tools.
  • Move down to the option Cookie Manager.
  • Select the option Unblock cookies from this site.

What is BB Code?

BB Code is a quick and easy way to add effects or formatting to your posts.
It is used in a similar format to HTML tags which you may already be familiar with.
Below is a quick guide to the most common BB Code uses.

BB Code
You Type We Show
[b]This is sample text[/b] This is sample text
[s]This is sample text[/s] This is sample text
[i]This is sample text[/i] This is sample text
[u]This is sample text[/u] This is sample text
[]Click here![/email] Click here!
[url=]Click here![/url] Click here!
[size=7]This is sample text[/size] This is sample text
[font=times]This is sample text[/font] This is sample text
[color=red]This is sample text[/color] This is sample text
[img][/img] user posted image
[list][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  • List Item
  • List Item
[list=1][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  1. List Item
  2. List Item
[list=a][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  1. List Item
  2. List Item
[list=i][*]List Item [*]List Item[/list]
  1. List Item
  2. List Item
[quote]This is sample text[/quote]
This is sample text

The GMs judge bios by voting on them. Each flag has a different meaning, which you should watch closely, if you want to know what the GMs think about your bio at a glance.

The White Flag
Your bio has been voted for deletion. The GM had some major problems with it.
Read their comment carefully.
If the problems with the bio are not fixed soon, your bio may be deleted.

The Red Flag
Your bio has been voted for being put in the junk bin. The GM believes your bio is beyond help at the moment.
Usually this means you did something like bypassing the filter and then putting in something absolutely ridiculous. If you do not fix this, likelihood is that it will be put in the junk bin and never seen again.

The Gray Flag
Your bio is not affected by this flag. The GM believes you need to improve your bio, and has given you X days to improve it before they vote again.
This is your chance to clean up your bio and make it even better. Read the GM's comment carefully.

The Yellow Flag
Your bio has been voted for yellow flag approval. The GM believes your bio is approvable, but needs work; but, also, that it can be approved as-is.
This means you've done 2/3 of the work you need for a proper bio and that you've done just good enough to squeak by. It is in your interest to improve your bio; it can be upgraded to a green flag if you work hard enough.

The Green Flag
Your bio has been voted for green flag approval. This means your bio is greenlighted and that the GM in question believes it works just fine. You have succeeded in properly making a bio if your bio is approved by these votes.
It is likely to be approved quickly if more than one GM agrees with the vote.

The Black Flag
The GM has abstained from voting on the bio. Whether it mean they're unsure or they feel it'd be a conflict of interest, about all it means for your bio is that they choose not to comment.
Their comment might have useful information, though.

The Blue Flag
Your bio was approved on the previous site, and has thus been selected to be approved again.
This means you already did your work and that the only reason your bio came up in the queue again was due to the site change. Continue on as you have normally. If your bio was not on the previous site and approved, then whoever voted this on your bio did so in error, and you should notify the staff.

The Pink Flag
Voting on your bio has been delayed for five days as a result of you pestering the GMs for votes.
This means you simply need to wait, and remember that the new site takes care of making GMs vote, not you.

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