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The Rules
General Rules

1. This is a Sonic Freeform Roleplay. All subsequent rules are created to help facilitate roleplaying. Anything not under this list but that interferes with the running of this roleplay is considered to be breaking these rules as well.
2. Treat your fellow members decently and act in good faith.
3. Resolve conflicts in a civilized manner.
4. Keep in-character and out-of-character events separate.
5. Post to the channel when you have something to say, not just because it's "quiet" or you're bored.
6. Keep any outside arguments outside of the channel.
7. Keep your roleplaying and out of character text to within the content regulations -- this is not an uncensored speakeasy.
7a. This includes all actions taken by your character -- keep your salacious character concepts and actions out of this game.
8. Don't use the channel to debate politics, religion, or other controversial topics. This is a Sonic Roleplay, not a debate team.
9. This is not a Democracy. All rulings are final.

Character Rules

  1. All infractions follow the card system. It is rather simple. You may have up to two 'yellow card' infractions, or one 'red card.' If you get two yellow card or a single red card, your character is suspended from play for a week, and when the week is up, you can roleplay again. But if you cause even more infractions, your character will be deleted.
  2. Yellow cards are for unintentional mistakes / violations of these rules; red cards are for egregious, malicious, intentional or repeated violations.
  3. Thus, the following rules are the various reasons (but not inclusive) that these cards could be issued for infractions:
  4. All roleplay must be supervised by GMs, run in the IRC room, and done during sessions started by the GMs.
  5. Any roleplay that occurs that is not done under the prior rule is NON-CANON
  6. Any roleplay that occurred previous to the recent refresh of the game is NON-CANON
  7. Utilizing said NON-CANON roleplay in the game is forbidden, and your character will be deleted if it occurs repeatedly.
  8. Some references to past NON-CANON roleplay will exist due to it being familiar for the GMs. These references are not the same as the old, NON-CANON roleplay. Should you be allowed to use and/or reference said old roleplay, it will similarly be considered separate and only allowed on a case-by-case basis. Attempting to bring in or revive NON-CANON roleplay that hasn't been explicitly whitelisted or accepted by the GMs will result in character deletion, regardless of the source.
  9. You must react to other characters in the scene you are in. Ignoring them is forbidden.
  10. Fighting must involve both buy-in from the other player, and also some agreement as to how it will go. You cannot force a player to let you to harm their character, but on the flip side, other players are not allowed to ignore the danger / damage from fighting should they have agreed to a fight scene.
  11. Intentionally slanting all actions of another player's character, then roleplaying as if your skewed perspective is the objective truth, is forbidden.
  12. Moving around the world and accessing areas must follow basic logic. Flying to an island on a magic skateboard without any context, for example, would run afoul of these rules.
  13. Using your character as a mouthpiece for your beliefs and preaching to the other players is also forbidden.
  14. You must include and accept the setting of the game in what you do. You cannot disregard or ignore facts of the setting. Roleplaying games rely on a shared setting, so without this, there is no real interaction, only separate worlds that people pretend are the same one.
  15. Some degree of magic, generating new factions, building technology, etc is allowed, but major changes in the game must be approved by GMs. We are more lenient on this one should it be a mistake, but intentional rewriting of the game's setting without permission will be grounds for immediate character deletion and/or banning.
  16. In the event non-GMs are using Feature Characters, all actions of the Feature Characters must at least attempt to adhere to their canon as of the current setting. Unlike OCs, should a mistake be made, it will be retconned immediately and if it should happen repeatedly, permission to use the FC will be immediately revoked and probably not restored.
  17. Interfering with in-progress roleplay by interrupting excessively in the RP room or otherwise disturbing the players is obviously forbidden.
  18. Trying to ignore the rules because of a feeling one is 'entitled' to be in the game or to do something will result in immediate banning.
  19. This is not an exhaustive list; other types of bad faith or disruptive behavior will be carded and banned as they arise.

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