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The Rules
General Rules

1. Don't be a jerk.
2. Don't be a passive aggressive jerk.
3. Don't antagonize other players or staff.
4. Don't attack anyone over in-character events.
5. Don't flood the channel.
5a. Don't complain about the channel being "quiet."
5b. Don't fish for attention or spam solely to try and force activity to exist in the channel.
5c. Don't make an account or join the channel if you have no intent of playing.
5d. Don't ban evade, don't try to justify ban evasion, and don't join at all if these rules bother you.
6. Don't bring outside drama into the channel.
7. Don't use drama as a weapon to attempt to avoid rule enforcement.
8. Don't reference, write, or otherwise use pornographic material in the channel.
8a. This includes inappropriate sexual actions taken in-character. This is a Sonic roleplay, not a place for you to explore your fetish.
9. Don't use the channel to debate politics, religion, or other controversial topics. This is a Sonic Freeform Roleplay, not a debate team.
10. The word of GMs and staff is final.

Character Rules

  1. All major plot events must be approved by the GMs.
  2. Any major character modification or plot event that occurs without approval will be removed by the GMs.
  3. All minor plot events must fit within the rules of the game and the setting. Attempts to sneak things past the GMs will be removed.
  4. If you cannot mentally separate in character actions from out of character ones, you should not join.
  5. Do not godmod, god mode, powergame, twink, cheat, or otherwise ignore another roleplayer's post. The GMs will stop the scene and reverse/undo whatever was done if it is found to be disruptive.
  6. The GMs decide this--but players can ask for a ruling if they see something unusual or incorrect going on.
  7. The only characters you are to use are ones you have created yourself, or have permission to use. (This includes Feature Characters)
  8. Using characters that belong to others without permission will result in banning and termination of your account.
  9. Do not make scenes which should usually involve a character (usually a plot-important or zone-central one) without that character. In the case the player of said important character cannot be present, get their or the GM's permission before proceeding. Alternatively, they may specify an alternative character or have someone else play their character for them to ensure your scene does not cause a plot hole.
  10. It is not our problem if you cannot get scenes. If someone else's schedule is preventing you from getting scenes from them, tough luck. It's a game, not a job.
  11. Do not bother those who do not to want to RP for scenes.
  12. Players of Feature Characters must stick to their character's original canon personality; variations are allowed, but severe deviations will be removed. There is no grandfather clause; if something is discovered after the fact, it will also be removed.
  13. If you cannot deal with people roleplaying differently from you / your normal standards of roleplay, do not join.
  14. Do not app characters with the intent of them helping eachother or being together in every scene or exclusively interacting with eachother. Your characters are to be separate from one another when possible. Only GMs are allowed to make overlapping characters.
  15. When the channel is IC, go to the OOC room.

Last Updated: June 5th, 2018

  1. By agreeing to the TOS, you agree to allow MobiusRP to use any characters submitted herein for free public use, including, but not limited to:
    • Featuring your character archives of roleplay activity, whether they be from the IRC room or elsewhere.
    • Featuring references to your character in future stories and roleplays on the site, whether or not you are actively participating in MobiusRP activities anymore.
    • Emails will be sent to you by the website when your character is approved or deleted. By signing up, you opt-in to receive these emails and your email address is stored in the database so you can be sent these emails. If you for some reason do not want any emails sent to you, please contact the administrator. Furthermore if you want your information entirely deleted, also contact the administrator. The administrator can be reached at almost any time in the IRC room.
    • This site tracks usage of it for quality assurance purposes, such as ensuring pages load and that users of the site are able to access resources on it. Data including IP address and browser agent are logged. If you wish to opt out of this, A. do not use the site, B. request deletion by the administrator (in the IRC room.)
    • By signing up on this site, you indicate you either have parental consent to join this site or are 18+; If you are a minor yet above the age of 16, you are not allowed to join unless you have parental consent.
  3. This website, and related content is rated as following.
  4. What is allowed, ratings wise:
    1. Minor sexual innuendo (After all, in any fantasy setting, characters still love one another, kiss, hug, etc.)
    2. Minor cursing (Think like Shadow the Hedgehog the game, but less stupid. "Damn", "Hell", "Crap", etc. No Sh*t, F**k, etc.)
    3. Moderate Violence (Limbs cut off, bleeding, stab wounds, diseases, etc. Just don't get yucky or overly gory with it.)
    4. Gambling, drug use, irreverent behavior, and so on.
    5. A wide variety of opinions, as long as one does not attempt to force them on others, or they are not racist or otherwise discriminatory.
  5. And what is NOT allowed, ratings wise:
    1. Direct sexual references, 'Rule 34', nude or overly sexualized images, pornographic content
    2. Hate speech (Specifically, bigoted or nasty speech involving racism, etc.)
    3. Extreme violence (This isn't Mortal Kombat)
    4. Cursing outside what was noted before. It doesn't matter how mad you get, you aren't allowed to randomly curse out of turn.
    5. Inflammatory, irritating, flooding, stupid speech, flame-baiting, etc.
  6. As such, any actions that go beyond these guidelines will be met with discipline, up to and including banning.
  7. You agree that the only character you use are ones you have created yourself, or have permission to use. (This includes Feature Characters)
    • Using characters that belong to others without permission will result in banning and termination of your account.
  8. Mobius RP claims no legal responsibility for any detrimental side effects of the use of its services.
  9. Mobius RP's proprietary software, including the website, is to be used at the end user's discretion. MobiusRP accepts no responsibility for loss of data when using its applications.
  10. By agreeing to these terms of service, you waive any legal right and/or validation to any claims made against MobiusRP.
  11. MobiusRP reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (or even no reason at all).
  12. These terms are subject to change without notification.


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