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Mobius Roleplay - Setting
The Setting

It's not known.

Why did it happen?

What happened to the world?

Nothing is known.

There is only sand and desert. Destruction everywhere. Most people gone. Most places empty.

There was once a place. Some have cryptic rumors of what it was. But so few remain, it's unable to be discerned what 'it' even was.

In this wreckage, the last survivors attempt to figure out what can be done. What can even be known in this old world rendered unknown? The wreckage of a grand town, haunted by ancient machines;

The promise of a distant city of survivors, in need of dire help, for they survived, but nothing else necessary to keep them alive was preserved.

In this setting, the new game is set. The players are those who survived an unknown catastrophe, with no real memory of what happened other than a handful of their background details. Their goals may be different, but it's of a shared thought;

Win, lose, or do nothing at all, survival is the name of the game. To find the mysterious safe city, and save it from its own problems, and to understand along the way, what became of this world and everyone in it.

Will you exit the confines of your shelter, awakened from a distant slumber, and discover what went wrong?

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