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Character Listing
Inactive/Archived Characters [3]

Character Species Alignment
MetalWingFelineNeutral Neutral
Vickor LanesHumanLawful Neutral
Nanite Metal Sonic (Destroyed)Robot / Nanite CollectiveChaotic Evil
Junk Bin Characters [58]

Character Species Alignment
Nico the Artificial HedgehogArtificial HedgehogNeutral Evil
Neo the HedgehogArtificial LifeformLawful Evil
jade the batbatNeutral Evil
Viliot "Vy" BunnyNeutral Evil
RoseButterflyChaotic Evil
Richard Dasher The HedgehogDasher/ Mobian Hedgehog HybridChaotic Neutral
KittenDemon CatChaotic Neutral
CometEchidnaNeutral Good
Edwina "Rita" RobotnikFennec (Fox)Neutral Evil
Dirt ProwerFoxLawful Good
carrie the hedgehog angelhalf hedgehog half angelNeutral Good
MachHedgehogChaotic Good
Roxanne the HedgehoghedgehogNeutral Neutral
zackhedgehogNeutral Neutral
FlashHedgehogNeutral Neutral
darkravehedgehogNeutral Evil
IchibuHedgehogNeutral Neutral
Tipical Mariah jacksonHedgehogNeutral Neutral
LighthedgehogChaotic Neutral
Scar Lux LightheartHedgehogLawful Good
Crystal the HedgehogHedgehogNeutral Neutral
GaryHedgehogNeutral Good
Aiden Visaric HedgehogNeutral Evil
EmeraldHedgehogNeutral Neutral
Ghost The HedgehogHedgehogNeutral Good
magmahedgehogChaotic Neutral
Dragon the hedgehogHedgehogLawful Good
Maris HedgehogLawful Good
subzerohedgehogNeutral Good
VoidhedgehogNeutral Neutral
ViliotHedgehogNeutral Evil
MikioHedgehogNeutral Good
Gaby the hedgehogHedgehogLawful Good
Deed Twins hedgehogChaotic Evil
speedyhedgehogLawful Good
ControlhedgehogNeutral Good
mephileshedgehog shaped sprit demonChaotic Evil
jake the hedgehoghedgehogsChaotic Good
phykickhedghogChaotic Good
Sonic jr.hegdehogLawful Good
EmmahegehogNeutral Good
DooMHuman SoldierNeutral Good
Sid the herohybirdNeutral Good
Sid the HeroicHybirdNeutral Good
Foxhybrid between a fox and a lynxNeutral Good
M. MelodyMobian FoxChaotic Evil
JarldoMutant HegehogNeutral Neutral
daisyrabbitNeutral Neutral
LizRaccoonNeutral Good
FeeFeeracoonChaotic Good
VirusRobot Wolf/Computer VirusLawful Neutral
Misty the squirrelSquirrelLawful Good
FutureSwallowChaotic Good
Psycho the kappa (?)Unknown reptile / Kappa (?)Chaotic Neutral
Silvina CrisisWinged CatLawful Neutral
Levana the WolfWolfLawful Neutral
Soluck GaiaonousWolfChaotic Good
CarmanwolfNeutral Good

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