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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Demon Cat
Demonic Blood Red
Light Sky Blue
Chaotic Neutral
Runaway~By Avril Lavigne

Upper Body-
Kitten has hair the shade of blood, so long it reaches her hips, and to match it she wears a small and round gold earring on each ear.Her eyes are a light shade of sky blue, her eyelashes are also made up of two black curls on each eye to compliment her eyes perfectly.The upper clothing on her is made up of a sleeveless violet top with the words To Cute Fer You on it(note that fer isnt a typo)that goes down to her waist to show her stomach.

Lower Body-
She wears a treasure gold belt in the area between her skirt and her top that only just covers her belly button.Just bellow her stomach is a knee length, cherry blossom skirt with purple lining and Kitten's blood red tail sticking out of the bottom of her skirt.The last thing i should mention is her purple and black shoes on her feet.
She Thinks-
She always thinks in the worst possible way she can for example she thinks things like The World Hates Me or Why Me i guess thats what you get from a demon cat that ran away from home.I know she sounds sort of emo, but she's about the girliest girlish tomboy u'll ever find.

She Feels-
Most of the time kitten feels sad and its very rare when you see her smile, and even rarer if you see her laugh. Basicly its like theres a battle going on in her, and shes losing
Kitten was born in Darkseige a town formally located in the black canyons in the darkest building, the castle. From her birth her mother and father raised her to be evil hoping that someday she would join them and they would reak havoc in the universe, there was but one flaw in their plan, she was only half demon. When they found out they began training her as soon as possible with the hardest courses known, and kitten hated every part of it.

By the time she turned 13 kitten had grown to hate her mother elsia and her father devilo, and she decided to plan an escape from the prison she hated to call home.3 weeks later she came up with the perfect plan, but it did meen she had to risk killing herself and somehow Kitten didn't care because all she wanted to do was escape.She ran out of the castle and to a strange part of the wall surrounding the black canyons and started to climb the rockiest part.

Eventually a villager saw her climbing and called her father, kitten's father tried to convince her to come down but it was to late she was already at the top and ready to jump.Knowing that it was far from the ground she had brought a parachute along with her.She immediantly jumped and softly landed on the ground while at the same time wrapping a blanket around her head to hide her identity.

Kitten began to run not knowing where she would end up.She kept running for 1 year stopping at some towns to get rest, eat and drink, but one day she decided not to stop at the town and kept going and became very tired and sore and eventually collapsed.When Kitten woke up she found herself at The city of Station Square.Not knowing how or why she was here, she eventually started searching for somewhere to stay and ended up staying and thats where she is currently.
Currently settled in the city of Station Square wich im sure u know what thats like.
Ability to turn demon when she is mad.
Half Demon

Big Mouthed
Half Demon
Kitten weilds a demonic item called a Demon Scythe
as it sounds its very powerful and dark but not indistructable because everything has a weakness.
But im not telling you it ^-^ .
Um i hope u can accept it

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