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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Robot Wolf/Computer Virus
Light Yellow/Silver/Blue/Sickly Green
Eyes are pitch black with no pupils
Lawful Neutral

A robot who you can tell is a bad guy just by looking at his eyes. If your were to look at him from about 20 feet, he would look just alike a regular wolf, but upclose youll see that he is a robotic wolf. Wolfs head is basicly a steal wolfs head with sharp bangs. He has pupilis eyes so all you see is nothingness. The only time you see something happen in his eyes is when he's scanning someones body structure. Basicly he has the ability to copy ones voice, apperance, and abilities. The only way you can tell its not who you think it is when you look into there eyes and see data. His muzzel, arms, tail tip ,legs, belly, and the inside of his ears are all silver. H is body is the same as any animal in the dog family only that his belly dosnt have hair that stikes out, it was drawn. His Feet are blue boots with Silver soles. His right arm has become a sickly green color and looks like its covered in vines. Heears no cloths.
Virus is a quite charcter who can tricke anybody into thinking hes a good guy. But thats only so they can help him with his misson. He seems cold to those around him, but can go from a prick to a nice guy when he needs them on his side. He'll make it seem as though he was a 10 year old kid that just wants to make freinds. But on the inside is something much more. No one and I mean no one knows about his past except for him. It is unknow weather he wnats to rule the world, start a new team of justice, start an evil organization made for but a secret person. All thats known about him is his memory bank, whcih you would have to pry open to get to.
Virus wasn't always like this. originaly he was a normal fox with an IQ of 110 whos father was a burilent scientist. That was until he was hit by lightning right when he steped outside during a thunder storm. Becuse of this accident, Virues (Or Ven as he was once called) father built a robotic body made out of the finnist metal. Once the bot was constructed and fully oporational, his father quickly put a micro chip in his brain and rebuilt it makeing him 3X as smart as he was befor, and rebuilt his heart so he could be somewhat organic. But something went wrong. HORRIBLY WRONG.

It turned out the microchip cought a computer virus when he was constructing the body. Once the brain was put in and locked in, the computer virus took complet control oif Ven and turned him evil. About 5 minutes after activation he ended up blowing up the entire house. Ever since that day Virus has been a moveing about Mobius, looking at new things and copying others data. He now resides in Emrald town were he thinks this will be the start of his goal.
Lives in an abandond house outside of Emrald town.
The robotic body is abel to strech its arms up to 30 yards and becuse if the infected arm he is able to absourb both lightning and any weapon (Like a gun or something) and can make his right arm that weapon only its sickly green and looks way cooler than it originaly did. His arm can also transform into a plug that is abel to bypass any type of securite lock, computer password, anything that has a code.
-Can copy ones looks, voice, and abilities
-Long range
-Strong enough to lift up to 460 pounds
-Iorn hard body that can absourb lightning attacks and use it as energy.

-Slow movement speed
-Takes 20 seconds to copy some one
-If heart goes out he will have only 30 minutes befor he shuts down.
-Is only half as strong as the people he copies
-Can only transform into a person when completly scaned.
-Weapons he absourbs are much weaker than they should be. For example, a shotgun blast will fell like you just got hit by a fire blast.
-Cannot copy others DNA
Viruses right arm becomes an AK-47 with almost unlimited bullets. Only it noonger needs bullets. It use a kind of plasma energy that is inside of his energy core located in his heart.
His arm turns into a curved blade. Nothing special here.
Becuse of his energy core he is able to shot lasers out of his eyes.
Viruses arm becomes a shot gun which hurts but dosnt kill. It just burns you.

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