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Original Character


green and blue
Neutral Neutral
eye of the tiger-survivor

Zack has green stripes going down his arms, legs, and his stomach is blue with a green lightning bolt spiral. where there is not green there is blue. Zack's hair/quills have a green stripe on each of them. His shoes resemble that of Sonic's except for the Zs that are imprinted on them. the same imprints are on his gloves.
when running its very difficult to tell him apart from sonic as he leaves a blue streak at high speeds.
another thing about Zack's appearance is the footprint he leaves behind as he runs he leaves a shoe print with a Z in the middle of it.
Zack is very cautious of his past and talking to people he isn't familiar with. with that being said his personality resembles shadow in exception of how he treats other people...Ex: where shadow would say something like "GET OUT OF MY FACE" Zack would say "you are in my way and if you don't move i will move you...". this is a perfect example of how Zack responds to people he doesn't like. in a public situation Zack gets very frustrated and most of the time he finds a quiet place to relax and think.
Zack knows very little of his past...or should i say future.
Zack was born in the future...but due to a complication in the year of 3001 he had to be sent back in time to live in the present. He was found with a peculiar device around his neck that resembled a stopwatch. This "stopwatch" is tied to his DNA and can not function without him. The true function of this stopwatch is unknown...but it is believed to be a time travel device.
zack's current location is metropolis zone
Zack's abilities are as follows in point form:
-extreme understanding of the surrounding environment
-if there is a problem Zack wont let it go until its resolved
-often decides to do things alone no matter what the consequences
-when he decides to work with someone else he works well
-very educated
-knows allot about people even if he never seen them before

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