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Neutral Neutral
So Cold - Breaking Benjamin

Green fur covering body excluding the face area. Scar running from underneath his right eye to the side of his chin. White chest hair, and short spiked hair up the back of his legs and arms. Mini pulse charges on the palms of both of his hands. Other machines on his boots (explained later). Boots go to underneath his knee. Circular piece of wired metal with red orb in center attached to left side of the chest by metal tubes running over and another under his left arm. Small fangs towards his eye teeth. Pulse charges are colored golden. Scar on his eye is ridgid with a red tint.
Very good at hiding emotions, all except rage. A small sense of humor and a clever mind. Flash has one fatal flaw in his personallity, sypmathy. This will be explained in the strengths and weaknes Flash is sympathetic to the innocent. Flash would most likely not be able to kill a hero who thinks they are doing what is right. Flash thinks of himself as a mercinary due to his skills as a former agent.
Old backstory (Paragraph-ized for your sanity
**No this is NOT a current G.U.N experiment. Please read through before deleting**
G.U.N data files: Unit 74 - Flash the Hedgehog. Location: MIA.
All operations of pursuit: Aborted.
Final Comments: Anyomonous " He didnt survive this, no one could. Even if he did he is no threat to us."
*old computer shorts out*
Thats all they had to say about me, dispite my loyalty in their darkest of hours. Let me start from the beginning. I grew up like any other child in my village. We never stayed in one place for too long, our village wasnt much for meeting new people. One day in my adolescence, I went hunting far into the forest. I went a little deeper than i've ever gone, and then I found something quite interesting.

A bright light gleamed atop a tall mountain, and even more so, a man in a suit struggiling to climb it. This man would not reveal his name, but after asking he told me that the light I saw was glowing from a powerful gem known as the Chaos Emerald. I offered to retrieve it for him, but he laughed at this and was skeptical of my abilities. He played along and gave me an hour to get it for him.

I retrived it in less than half the time. He decided that I didnt just complete this quickly, I completed this FAST. Faster than any other agent in G.U.N during that time. He wanted to test me, to see what I was made of. I ppassed the tests in flying colors. NOW I get a name, or a number to be precise. Agent 58. That number will forever stick in my head as the man who changed my life.

He said that he could make use of my skills, and that I couldnt pass this up. How could I pass up a chance to make a diffrence. I accepted. For the first few years, I have no regrets. They made me stronger-no better, better than all the rest. Anything the scientests could come up with, they gave to me. One of the more important ones was an injection that decreased my aging and increased my life span, by a good 50 years.

Once I was through with my training, I recieved my missions. Those short first 3 years were the best of my life. I searched for emeralds, I prevented wars, I ended wars with nothing more than my fists. It was great. But then things changed. I began to realize I was aiding a business filled with corruption. G.U.N thought they were above the law, they thought they WERE the law. And my missions got worse.

I went from brining justice to where there was none to finding people who knew things they shouldnt and making them "dissapear". However some of the people were innocent civillians that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. When the slightest suspicion arose of a spy inside of G.U.N he was killed, regardless of no evidence. I could no longer bear this so called "duty" and I demanded to change their ways or I would quit. Then any trust or loyalties I had to anyone dissolved.

The first man I knew there, 58, that is what I shall call him, said to me that if I were to expose them or even LEAVE I would "dissapear" too. So I left by force. Heh...too say the least I bearly escaped with my life, and was given an eternal mark to remind me how my life was serving them *feels his scar*.

I dissapeared, and they never found me. That was 30 years ago.....and now im back. And I wish to repay G.U.N tenfold. They do say that G.U.N has improved, but this I doubt. For the seasons change, and life will change, but people, people NEVER change. The old is replaced with the new, but the corruption remains. And it appears most humans are this way, and they cannot live without consequence, and I shall deliver such.

I am Flash the Hedgehog and the beginning of the end! *gust of wind starts up and flash is gone*

New backstory
Ever wonder what its like to be brainwashed? How about being one of Dr.Robotnik's bots? Unfortunately, I know both these things too well. I really dont have much memory from where I came from, and now I already know what must have happened. All I know is when I was little Robotnik's bots invaded our village. My mother took me to the basment of my house and hid me under a table. The house soon set ablaze. I was only a mere child then, sadly only 11, and I was in shock so I didnt try to run. Wood was beginning to collapse around me, I heard screaming and gunfire, I blacked out.

When I came to, my mind was fuzzy and I couldnt seem to move. I was laid out on an experimental table. I lifted my head to look around. All I could see was a dark laboratory, but what suprised me was, well, me. I was covered in metal machinery of which I was unfarmiliar with at the time. I panicked and hopelessly thrashed around, but it was no use. Then the much larger machine aside of me suddenly came to life and a harsh, raspy voice shouted commands. I looked to my upper right and saw a dark, rather heavy looking figure. He once more shouted more commands and the machine shrieked and beeped, and again, the sweet numbing of unconciousness returned. I was not the same when I woke up....

When I woke up this time I still had all memory of my life before and remember the feelings with it. But I didnt care. I seemed blank, wasnt scared, wasnt angry, wasnt anything. I didnt even think, and I didnt want to. Then, my maste- *small sparks fly form his chest plate*...then the doctor came in. He explained to me what happened and told me what would happen next. After years of training I would do his bidding he told me. And I had no objection, I didnt have a will to go against. Apperantly I was too young to be fully Robotisized, but only half of my body was needed. Time passed, and at age 18, I was ready. I wasnt his favorite of all robots, I did typicall guarding missions, sometimes spiced up with invading another village. The things I did to people...I would rather not speak, but I didnt care, I had no emotion or will. I eventually reached one village, Robotnik seemed very interested in it. So me and my unit went to take it....

I approached the village, and prepared to assult and open fire. A howling burst of wind quickly went past my ears, and I just noticed, I was lying flat on my black. All the robots were knocked over. In an attempt to counter strike we split up around the village. But this "blue streak" had friends. They called themselves the Freedom Fighters. Heh...this wouldve inspired me... But nonetheless it was no contest. Dr.Robotnik's elite unit was destroyed in less than an hour, all commanded to fight to the death. I wouldve died as well, but while in combat, for a split second, I saw him and scanned him top to bottom. His stats were beyond comprehension, and before I was done scanning, I was knocked against a tree. This would be irrelevant but when I hit the tree, a metal brain chip on the back of my head was damaged, and emotion slowly dripped back into my head. However this chip was damaged, not destroyed. So Robotnik still had a hold on me, but I had a small sense. So instead of staying to die, I returned to base. It was not a warm welcome...

After I came back, he was already in a rage at his loss. He blamed me for it and took his rage out on me. This was the last time I was ever assigned to an assult. Of course I said nothing back, for my mind plate still had a strong hold. So I was to guard to robotisize chambers....forever. Again time passes over a few years, and now im 21. Watching an animal become robotisized is not easy to watch, and over the years my mind plate grew weaker and weaker. I began to feel again. I felt pity for the animals, but never had I realized it until my brother was robotisized right in front of me. I recognized him as he recognized me. The look on his face would be burned into my memory for as long as I live. *hesitates*....he screamed, of anger and true terror. He looked at me like I was a monster. I looked at the reflection of the ground and I looked like a monster! My head was on fire, I clasped my hands on my head.....I tore my mind plate off. All of a sudden a rush of emotion overtook me, and I did the only thing I could think of. I ran.

I blasted my way through the factory. Ran flat anything that was in my way. The factory was on the outskirts of the city. I could make it to the forest. As I made my way towards the exit I saw two figures. One resembled the blue streak I saw, and the other, was my recently robotisized brother. I could not, WOULD not attack my brother, however they were blocking my only exit. I decided to face the clone of sonic, which Robotnik reffered to it as Metal Sonic. I cleary was not thinking, and Metal Sonic was more than a match for me. Im at my knees as he approaches to finish me off. I saw the end for me. I thought of the innocent deaths, what he did to me....what he did to my brother. I felt a deep sense of rage and hate. The Chaos Emeralds in the factory turned to pitch black, then I blacked out. When I awoke the factory was reduced to ash. Metal Sonic was nowhere to be found. But I did find somethign I'd rather not see. My robotisized brother, dead. I ran to him and found him near death. When I tried to lay my hand upon him, he lifted his arm and shot a gun from his wrist at me. With my own hands, I had to finish him off. I escaped into the forest, that was a year ago. And now, I believe im ready to face Dr.Robotnik. I do not care what happens to the world, and whoever gets in my way will fall. This is my story, and as long as I shall stand, there will be no Eggman Empire!
N/A Flash the Hedgehog is a traveler (may change)
Mini Pulse Charge: Electrical wave expands from the charge on both of his palms. Knocks out power and paralizes robots.
Tranquilizer: With the click of the heel a dart shoots out for the front of his boot, rendering foes unconcious.
Jet Boots: DO NOT GIVE ABILITY TO FLY. Slight jumping elevation.
Air Slice: A quick dash with arms spread out causing a gust of wind to knock enemies back far distances.
Pulse Blast: A wide-spread attack sending and electrical blast causing fires and anything electric underground to shift ang break the ground. Flash's most powerful attack
Basic Mele Attacks: Punching,Kicking, ect.
PROS: Determination, general strenght, serves as a mercenary for almost anyone.
CONS: His life booster on his chest has a weak point. If the red orb in the center takes on enough damage and cracks, it is an immense wound and drains him of almost all of his energy.
The opposite of a Super form, negative energy is used instead. Rarely Occurs but only does when near at least 4 of the seven emeralds.

Midnight Frenzy: A rapid set of slices with his hand in feet. Flash's fastest attack.
Devil Blast: Chaos energy is used to form a negative explosion of a wide radius.
Nightmare Razor: When Flash crosses his arms and throws them down to his sides. Whichever direction he was facing, rectangles thin blades slice into his opponents in the direction of his arms.
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