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Original Character


Neutral Evil

Has spiked hair that goes behind him with grey streaks through it. Arms are normal size withe a line of grey going down from the body to hands which are covered by a glove with a claw. Around the stomach there is a grey moon that lights up occasionally. Has dark blue shoes with black on the sides and bottom and a spike on the front thats grey. Has a spiked ring on each arm that glow in the night sometimes and when he takes them off they unleash extreme dark power. Some also say that his eyes can change colors at certain times. mostly when his emotions change
Mostly calm but when he feels pain he gets uncontrollable with his power. He thinks about others but would also hurt others to get to them. He constantly thinks about parts of his past he can remember, they are mostly the motive for him moving for his goal. Even though he is a villain of some sort he still strives to help others in as many ways he can. He asks many of them to join him if they are in need. He knows what his goal is, no matter how many people are in his way he doesnt stop to achieve it.
He lived in a city where there was mainly peace. He had been helping with expirements there until his city waged war with another. Soon his city was destroyed... him and a few others escaped and he seeks revenge on the other city completely he has traveled for a very long time in search of his enemies and wishes to continue until his quest is finished completely
he lives in many place he always travels
Darkness. Has the ability to use emotion as a power source. He can shoot dark lighting dark bolts and can use chaos control with an emerald.
Strengths are at night on a full moon. The weaknesses are out in the sun in midday. Hes not weakened completely but not as powerful

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