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Ichibu the Hedgehog is a Gray Hedgehog. His spines are Red near the edges, his shoes and gloves are blue, with yellow straps. He'll occassionally wear black glasses or a jacket, as stated in his image. And sometimes he wears a jacket adorned with a Super Smash Bros. Brawl insignia, even though it doesn't exist in Mobius. He wears a sword sheath on his back, although he usually has his sword in hand. Sometimes he wears a belt holding numerous weapons and gadgets, due to his job as a mercanary
Ichibu will do whatever it takes to make his living in life, along with protecting his girlfriend. He's not very humorous, although he may chuckle at something funny. This seriousness sometimes drives people away. His #1 priority is his girlfriend, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm. He's a mercenary, so he always keeps his cool. His opinion of Sonic the Hedgehog is that he's too cocky, and he doesn't like to stay on the topic.
Ichibu was a test experiment for a mad scientist, he was used in experiments for super powers. Around 4 years old, in a freak accident, he was given a potion, said to save him when he was in any trouble. This accident changed his fur color from a bright purple to a gray-red color. That potion also gave him powers to control water. One day, at 12 years old, while swimming in a local pool he met a light blue colored female hedgehog named Kelley, and was attracted to her instantly. After about 5 years, they became very close, and eventually started dating. To make a living, Ichibu works as a mercenary.
Ichibu lives in Mobotropolis, he lives in a 2-story dome house.
Ichibu the Hedgehog has powers to control water, or any form of water(steam, ice etc.)He also uses his sword along with those powers.
Ichibu is able to breathe underwater, and he can ride on pillars of water when there's alot of it around. Ichibu's power to control water gives him many strengths, but they come with weaknesses. He's very weak when surrounded with fire, or in a very arid and hot area, such as a desert. When those weaknesses surround him, his only defense is his sword, which is 2 feet in length.

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