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Psycho the kappa (?)
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Unknown reptile / Kappa (?)
Red (All over)
Chaotic Neutral

Green skin that appears to be a hybrid of different types of reptile skins: 45% Frog, 35% Turtle, 20% Chamelion. Eyes are completely red with darker red iris. Scraggly red hair combed into what he refers to as "okappa-atama / jebus-like (???)" hairstyle; basically multiple groupings of hair coming down in a circle from the top of his head. Wears an old brass pot lid on the top of his head to "Cover a hole in his head / keep the demons from eating his soul and/or brain (O.O ??? )" or so he says. Has a mouth like a turtle's but has white teeth. Has a turtle shell on his back which he uses for storage and as a weak shelter; when asked if it was real or fake, he said "It's both! / Stop following me!!! (-_- )" so results are again inconclusive. He has scrawny arms and legs like a frog's that give him a weak appearance but are very powerful when punching, kicking, running, swimming and jumping, but virtually useless at lifting any weight over 30 pounds. His hands and feet are turtle-like but have webbed fingers and toes. Relatively tall for a mobian at 3' 11" but still thinks that he's short and does not like being reminded of his size. The only real clothing he wears is the pot lid on his head, the turtle shell on his back and a red pair of swim trunks, with about 8 pockets, with black palm trees on it's pockets. His only real "Weapon", aside from two daggers that he keeps in the pockets on his swim trunks, that he has is a soup ladle made out of an extremely strong metal and strange form of grenades that he refers to as "Rain makers / Holy jebus grenades (O.o ?)"; the hand grenades are greyish-blue and when thrown into the air, generate and sponge up surrounding moisture, finally exploding violently in a spray of super-compressed water, but if thrown high enough into the air explode into a 5 minute rainstorm (oh wow really -.-?).
Kappa (he doesn't like being called psycho, but still responds to psychokappa) usually likes to camp out in local ponds and wait for people to come by, so he can ambush them / pull a prank, if he has nothing else to do, but he gets bored easily so he will usually just run through the streets (and traffic) screaming random crap, banging together pots and pans and causing multi-car pile-ups, attempting to tick off anyone around him. Furthermore, he doesn't really like anyone who is taller then him and is likely to attack them on short notice.

In his 3 page autobiography he refered to himself as "Just some crazy, awesome, spontaneous, super jebus, easy going, spontaneous, happy, impish, spontaneous, delusional and funny kind of guy." That description is "accurate" but the fact that he refers to himself as "Jebus" at least once per run-on sentence ( They all were run-on sentences -_-) leads me to beleive he is also a liar... even though its unclear what he defines as "Jebus." Trying to get Kappa to focus on anything that he isn't completly interested in is definetly a bad idea as he is quick to anger when bored and his punches have broken more than one of my arms (I'm typing with my teeth >:B).

While it is physically impossible to diagnose what exact type of mental problems he does have (I do not like psychiatrists... D:) he has been known to speak in the third person, even weirder, speak as if he is observing himself and as if he hates his own guts! (Crazy moron! D:<) But the one time he did go to a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist diagnosed him with ADHD right before Kappa (the crazy one o.o) yelled "Woo!!! Ima ADD in HD :D!!! YAYA!!!" and then knocked the psychiatrist unconsios by smashing a wooden chair over his head, then running out of the room yelling "Wooo!!! I'm awesome!!! Yesh!!"... It's clear that he has many more problems then that, but no one else will see him now anyways. In summation, Questioning his behaviour is a self-destructive behaviour and threatening to one's self; keep out of his way and maybe he wont see you... <.< >.>

P.S. He is also distracted by shiny objects such as gold... or just money in general... coincidentally he is also seeking donations
Supposedly comes from a un-findable area of mobius called "Japan / Jebus land" and says that his parents forced him to use one of his powers, that at the time he wasn't able to control, and that his parents never listened to him talk about, he calls "Puddle jumping / Awesome super mega water powered warping ability, Control!!!~" ; This ability supposedly allows him and any "Kappa" to dive into a body of water and then make a temporary portal to any other body of water anywhere that he can either go all the way through, or just stick his hand through to freak people out.

Unfortunately for Kappa (and all the rest of us stuck with him) he failed to aim for the correct body of water and ended up in a fountain in station square, unable to remember how to get back. He doesn't remember much of his childhood before that point but he remembers all of the skills he learned back in "Japan" (if that place really exists) such as a martial arts form he refers to as "Koppo Jutsu / Fist of the awesome punch" ; this martial art specializes in the breaking of bones and he is supposedly "good" at it; He judges that by how many bones he has broken to date as to how many attempts... 78% success rate at breaking bones if the person stands still.

He also speaks an unknown language undecipherable by our best linguists "Urban Spanglish" he calls it, but has somehow forgotten how to speak the language of his home country, so finding a country we can dump him in and call his home is difficult, if not impossible.
Varies.... usually a pond in the nearest park, but occasionally gets drunk/stupid enough to try to inhabit a local pool (chlorine hurts him, doesn't like little kids swimming near him, life guards try to harpoon him, ect.)
Kappa has many abilities, though very few of them applicable in the real world or when fighting outside of a rainstorm or a pond. He dual weilds his two daggers he keeps in his pockets on his swim suit he refers to them as "My butter-knifes", but he isn't very good with them aside from spinning around and slashing at them using a "Drunken Bhudda / Crazy random shanking" style of fighting.

The ladle he caries IS dangerous, he will either club you over the head with it or he will use it in conjunction with his next ability... This is his next ability... "Water manipulation / King of the puddle: super hydropower!!! *^*" he calls it. His ability allows him to (No you guessed wrong -.-) manipulate water; he can draw water from a puddle in the ground into his hand, compress it in his hand (His webbed fingers keep the water from escaping) then "Throw" water at people with the sound and impact of a shotgun (among other handy uses of water such as pressurized water spitting, using water underneath peoples feet to cause them to slip, causing water to move / compress in general and ability to use water as a solid surface for walking or to climb up onto).

Another ability I mentioned was "Puddle jumping/ Awesome super mega water powered warping ability, Control!!!~" (once again, I'm quoting this moron) this allows him to warp from body of water to body of water, partially or fully.

He is also "good" at a martial art called "Koppo Jutsu / Fist of the awesome punch" (obviously the second IS NOT the real name for it) This particular discipline teaches how to break bones, and once again, he is good at it.

One of his slightly more useful skills is that he can cloak somewhat when in a pond or body of water, using the chameleon like parts of his skin, but his eyes are visible when open despite this. He also uses grenades he refers to as "Rain makers / Holy jebus grenades" ; The grenades suck up moisture from the surroundings and explode as super-compressed water, or if thrown high enough, a 5 minute rain storm.

He says that he can swim faster than an average speed mobian can run, Jump around 20 feet off the ground, and run at an above average speed when its raining, but average when not raining.

Receives substancial boost from being in or around large quantities of water.

Very unpredictable strike pattern when using daggers.

Able to cripple unsuspecting opponants with specialized martial arts.

Strong swimmer.

Difficult to fight when in or around water.


Can use shell as weak sheild; it will never break, but it doesn't protect from much.




Fire / Heat

Not very bright

Can't sustain too much damage

Likes shiny objects such as coins in fountains and/or any form of money

Can't lift objects over 30 pounds without major strain or major use of water

Fairly quick temper when bored
63419: accounts of disturbing the peace

53291: accounts of defamation of charecter

1207: accounts of insulting an officer of the law

921: cases of loitering

723: accounts aggrivated assault and battery

631: suspected cases of random assault

142: accounts of theft

Percentage of pointless crimes committed in station square:
Anyone who pays his bail :D
O.o ... am I allowed to make a hybrid like this...?

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