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Feature Character


blue/light blue
navy blue
Neutral Good
Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift

Emma has regular blue har and light blue fur,she wears a mint green long sleeved shhirt and has a short crimsion red vest over that.she also wears a jeanskirt with a white belt.she usally wears her hair up in a ponytail,but on special occasions(or for no good reason) she has it loose.her eyes change with her mood,sometimes.for example:navy blue-normal,purple-happy,red-mad. she DOSE NOTwear gloves.just a gold bracelet she got from her childhood friend(who shall be mechend in the backstory.)she wears a golden locket and a gem around her one actually knows what that gem actually's a mystery.
she is a caring funloving person.she dose have a attitude when she's ticked off.she is usally hyper and random at times. but when things get serious,she can be totally the oppiste.and she is a VERY talkitive matter what.she seems to always have a backup plan of or a second option when needed. ever sence she was 10, she felt like there was more to this girl than what you can see.

(p.s.:she is also a great stragiest.)
the beginnign of emma's life was pretty boring.current resedents of soleanna,living with mother-alice,father-james and brother and sister xavier and flash.she was the youngest.never had a chance agianst her siblings.they were good at maybey what was she to do? a few years later ,emma found something to compete with.
emma is currently livingin soleanna with her mother and father,xavier, and a nicle cozy house by the beach.
with pscyhcic gem:pscyhcic abilitys (like silver's)
are 5x faster than normal speed.strengh is'nt too shabby but speed is more than enough to win any battle for her in this form

without gem: normal pscyhcic abilitys,runs at normal speedy hegehog speed (but gets faster everyday!).
strengths:sunlight,ice,pscyhcic powers,rain,tecnology,fashion,(lol)cooking and designing(in general).

weaknesses:dark powers,fire,grass,bugs(ick!),sports(though is REALLY good at them),baking,cleaning brother's room,and early wake up calls on weekends.
emma met sonic and co at somewhat an early age, around age ten to be precise.she first heard of sonic and his friends by amy rose,her distant 2nd cousin.amy and emma were not only like sisters, but good friends as well.they always kept in touch,not matter how far they one day emma decided to pay amy a suprise visit.amy was of course suprised to see her when she came.then after amy threw a plethera of questions at emma about 'how was life like bak at soleanna' or something like that, she quickly introduced to her friends,miles 'tails' prower,knuckels the echidna,cream the rabbit and sonic the hegehog.a few weeks later (while emma was still'vacationing') they all seemed to be automatic best friends.especially sonic, who seemed to grow a close bond with her as well.

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