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Original Character


Chaotic Neutral

Light is average body he's weigh is 180lb he's hight is 3'6 He wears black leather gloves with the word chaos on the right glove and control on the left the gloves also have holes so his fingers can come out and a black and gold jacket with the worlds chaos master on the back he's shoes are the color of the night sky he wears sunglass with the word Fear on the side of them the color of his skin is goldish and he wears a he wears a soft black collar around his neck his hair is spiked back and his tail is short
Light is selfish and greedy he only does what he thinks well help him yet at the same time he has a soft side He's also accident pron were we goes trouble comes after he also a real ladys man he is revenge driven and loves to fight but away from children he believes that fighting can solve his problems he hates to be mistaken for sonic or shadow especially shadow light well hold a grudge for some time and if he makes a promise he well do his best to keep it he also does not like to work with others he feels the can get in his way his voice his sort of like shadows but a little deeper
Light was created by dr.eggman in attempt to make a other shadow but something had went wrong and Light was made Dr.eggman afraid that Light would betray him put a collar around his neck to force him to listen but one day the collar broke and light made his movie on eggman but before light could finish him off he was hit in the back by shadow's chaos spear Light then in fear ran away know he's after revenge on eggman for forceing him to do something he didn't want to and on shadow the one who stood in his way of revenge he must take them both out
were every he can find shelter
Light can uses chaos spear, chaos blast,chaos surge, which is a blast of chaos energy in the shape of lighting and chaos Blade in which he forms a sword out of chaos power he can also fly,cook,swim, and drive
Light won't fight around children he also can't fight very well in water

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