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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Feature Character



Neutral Neutral
pink runaway

daisy is very young and small. She has a light pink fur and bright blue eyes. daisy usually wears a small pink dress with a dark purple cloak. she wears a dark purple cloak because she if so terrified and confused about the world so she hides behind her cloak. Daisy has a small birthmark of eggmans logo on her back because he had created her but it all went wrong. Daisys voice is quite high pitched as she is only young. Daisy mostly flies everywhere as she is a very good fligher.Daisy always carries a small diary of which she stole from a shop and she always recordes what has happened to her today or she draws pictures of flowers.
Daisy is very shy and scared of the outside world and she always is afraid of what people might think of her as Dr. Eggman had created her for evil. Daisy cant decide if she is good or evil so she only does what she wants to do. Daisy is very polite but she can snap back at times if she is mad. Daisy loves chaos and flowers because she knows if she says anything to a chao it wouldnt speak back so a simple chao cant judge her. She is also very smart but very unconfident. Daisy can be curious about many things but she is mostly curious about the chaos emeralds and when she is older she wants to be a treasure hunter and find the Master emerald.
Daisy was created by Dr. Eggman in a small chamber after the ultimate life form also known as shadow the hedgehog had escaped. Dr. Eggman tried again to create a creature to destroy the world and that was experiment ulf 2 but halfway through the process of making Daisy as evil as ever a familiar blue hedgehog burts through the door and destroyed the chamber. The process stopped and the door of Daisys chamber had opened and a small little rabbit came out. Eggman was so angry as this creature could do no harm to any body. Eggman released his eggbots to destroy Daisy but she managed to escape while using her ears to gather great speed and leave throught the exit.
Daisy is a brilliant chef and she is a very intelligent rabbit. Daisy is also good at story telling as she has travelled to many different places. She can use her wings to help her fly and in the air she can charge into her enemey giving a nasty blow to their stomach and Daisy can also fit through some small spaces because of her height. When Daisy is flying she can go really high and even higher than any off eggmans ships . Daisy can dance and make friends very easily but she is quite shy so the person would have to go talk to her first but she isnt shy with chaos.
Daisys strengths:
2.manipulating people
4looking cute ;)
6.annoying doctor eggman

Daisys weaknesses
1.she snt very strong
2.her feelings can get hurt very easily
3.the dark
4.eggmans robots.
6.BUGS ewww.....
Daisy is young because the computer was very slow and it only does one peice of loading at a time so when sonic had destroyed the computer Daisy came out as a little girl but with a big brain but a shy personanlity. Daisy wasnt killed when sonic had destroyed the chamber was that sonic actually disabled the computer and allowed Daisy to have enough time to get out of the chamber before it exploded.
Daisy ahd met a young girl called Elizabeth who eggman had kidnapped and sonic actually came to eggmans base to save elizabeth. Elizabeth was a young girl at 15 whos father was very wealthy so eggman kept her hostage until her father had payed eggman a ransom of 50000 rings and after elizabeths father had payed up he was broke and was now really poor and eggman wasnt going to give elizabeth back so elizabets dad asked sonic to go save her. Elizabeth told many stories to Daisy about how eggman kidnapped her and poor Daisy was horrified to see that eggman did such a horrible thing.

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