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Red fur with a medium long spines and a long bang down the front. no shirt but wearing jeans. White glove Grey and dark Grey are the color of the shoes but the jeans mostly cover them up. Hes looks soft but he inside he is as strong as Hype shadic the hedgehog and if you have no idea who the heck that is go to and type in Nazo unleashed and see all 3 parts there awesome. OK back to what he looks like hes part of a mercenary group so he does sometimes wear a uniform like assassin cloths or a cloak
He feels like he cant trust any1 except him and his master Saber. He also feels soft in the inside but the outside he almost never shows his feelings. He hates people who always think there so powerful and get to cocky that they lose to him and beg for there life's so instead he just kills them to get it over with and there's no more problem but he doesn't like to kill he only does it if some1 threatens to hurt his friend family or the world. Thou he
Emerald once lived in a peaceful town when he was 6 years old but that changed when a chaos emerald was found in the village. Almost every person was fighting for it until... Saber arrived. Saber was looking for a new apprentice and thought "Such piety that their fighting over something they cant use." So saber than decided to make a announcement that whoever can weld the chaos emerald can keep it and must never let it land in the wrong hands. Many people tried to use the emeralds power some were closer some were farther. Then at the very end of the line their were the children. Emerald at his age didn't know what was going on so he just walked up to saber and asked "Can I try?". Saber gave him the emerald and he was shock because emerald used chaos control as good as he does. Saber then decided to take him on as his apprentice but then emerald said "Sorry mister but I cant join you. As you see i am just a orphan me and my brother." Saber then decided that poison can join them but then when they started training poison got his hand on the chaos emerald and was using Chaos Control just like emerald! Saber then thought "With these two we would be able to help this world", But something went wrong. Many years later well to be precise 14 years of training they were finally done. Emerald have grown fond of Saber and called him his father, but poison on the other hand thought of only his power. Emerald, Saber, and Poison started a group called The Mercenary's or Mercs for short. On their 1st assignment they had to help Team 1 which is made up of Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. When the mission was half way done Team1 suddenly turned on the Mercs and fought them. The battle was cruel and devastated but right when the mercs were about to win. Poison picked up a sword and stabbed saber straight through the back/ Emeralds was terrified and scared and that's when it appeared his Dark chaos form. ((Flashback 7 years)) Saber"You have a Angel side and a Demon side if you know how to wield those both you can be over whelm in unimaginable power" Emerald tried but Poison grew jealous of emerald and planed on getting revenge. ((Back to when saber was stabbed)) Emerald couldn't contain it so he let it all out and Mars was so scared he wet himself. Poison thought 2 easy but he was wrong. The battle between the 6 of them lasted 2 mins but before emerald killed him saber regained codices and teleported them away and calmed Emerald down. Emerald and saber were healed completely but there was no signs of Poison any where and so the Story Ends Here For Now.
He lives anywhere where he can rest at.
He is a good hand to hand combat but he exceeds in sword skills but not with any sword he must create a sword out of his chaos power. He can change the shape and color but he has to concentrate be4 he changes the sword. He still good with physical sword.
Strengths-Sword and chaos power

Weakness- Power taken away
His family is consists of Saber the hedge hog his Twin brother Poison, his ither brother Vent which is a wolf his 2 sisters Julie the wolf and Siren the hedgehog
His age is 20 well if you dont know how to count the years here it is :P
He's as fast as sonic

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