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Original Character


Neutral Good
yeah break care break

looks like shadow with purple strip and black fur same shoes of shadow same color he weres a black hoddie and black jeans has a black and white checkard belt red eyes and same glove as shadow his whites of his eye r white his ears r normal and his nose is normal normal muzzel has a smirk on face most of the time he wears a purple under shirt under his hoddie he has same spikes as shadow has a purple strip at eye like shadow he has no wepons on him but his fist his gloves ar dusty and old same with shoes
A nice guy that will do anything to save his friends shows no mercy for enimes and in love if there is bad he turns it good or kills it if good makes friends with it he is a very nice guy and saves the world many times good friends with sonic's friends but not sonic he fights for peace only he likes to hang out with his friends and he eats alot of food he mostly likes pizza and soda he hates sonic for liking his girl friend he is mad at flame the hedgehog for liking his girl friend
The son of a failed ulitmate life form his mom chain the hedgehog his dad dark the hedgehog gary was with his mom in the anti word 6 years before he was sent to earth to his dad because a bad war againts sybnics and the antis he met his dad right away the trained but after a wile he sent Gary with his uncle shadow to train hey was there 3 months 8 years at earth
a small town in angel island named sonictopia after sonic saved it
he can do energy attacks and chaos attacks wepons have no effect on him and can doge fast and punches hard
his weakness is the worry about his girl friends Jess he can not fight with out worring about her his strengths is he is a good friend and anyone of his friends will help him no mater what it is because of it

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