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Mobius Roleplay - Rejected Characters - Aiden Visaric
Aiden Visaric
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Jet black
Left eye green right eye blood red
Neutral Evil
Bodies - Drowning Pool

He is a 6'2 168 pound black hedgehog. He has shaggy jet black hair that goes over his left eye. He has 3 back spikes, all black and a black spines in a mix between Super Sonic's and Mephilies style with dark crimson colored stripes except for the first one which is a snow white stripe. He has a spiked choker with a black diamond in it. A short sleeved black muscle shirt with a black hooded leather jacket completes his top clothing. Black and gray camouflage combat pants and black militant boots complete his bottoms. He has a black militant over-the-shoulder- combat sling, and a waist combat belt. On the waist belt, the left side, he has a Jericho handgun holster with a handgun in it, with the handle pointing towards the front and away from him for easy reach and drawing ability. On his right side, he has a 17 inch Cold Steel Magnum machete sheath, with the machete inside it. On his over-the-shoulder sling he has a 5 inch assassin boomerang Kerambit knife. For his primary weapon he has a Mossberg 500 Tactical shotgun. He has an over-the-shoulder sling for it, so it is on his back when he's not using it. He has a raised pink scar starting just above his front hair line, and ending just under his chin, missing the left eye but splitting the top and bottom lip, setting him in a permanent snarl.
He is what people would call a "emo" hedgehog because he wears black, listens to "screamo" music, and has a scar. But he is not emo. He is filled with regret from killing the one he loved, he is filled with mourn and sadness from his family's tragic death. He is a very confused 20 year old. He is built up with anger because he is possessed, and he thinks everything that reminds him of his past should be eliminated. So he made a dark "alley-killers" assassin team called D.A.R.K, which stands for Deception, Assassination, Reconnaissance, (and) Killing. He is not one either side, good or evil, but if he was he would be evil.
He was a very happy child, loved his family with all his heart. And his heart almost burst when he met Jewelia the Cat during his middle school years. They were dating and were loving. But then things started to go wrong. His mom, dad, brother, and sister were all killed in a horrible plane accident. He was troubled, and to make things worse when he was 16, he was possessed by a banished warrior demon named Catas the Devihog. He fought back, and won his war. But with a victory came a price. He was given Catas' personality, and his thoughts of life. Those thoughts got him in a bar fight, and his legendary scar. When he was 19, his temper got the best of him. Jewelia had noticed his behavior change, and tried to cheer him up, but he ignored her. So 2 months later, she broke up with him. Then, 2 nights later, walking home late in an alley, she was surrounded by about 15 people wearing hallowing masks under hoods. She saw that the one, supposedly the leader, had only a have skull mask, and she saw the end of Aiden's scar. She yelled at him that he shouldn't try anything, and without thinking, he flipped his Kerambit at her, and it slit her throat. The last thing she ever saw was his blood red eye, brimming with tears. He never got over that, and he never will. He uses his hate to fight, and no he doesn't just assassinate people, he and his team are responsible for the 14 murders of innocent civilians... But he has recently been turned down the right path, at least a little bit, and attacks demons and terrorists. He is currently fighting for the protection of teenagers who practice vampirism.
He lives in an "abandoned" mansion on a small island about 1 mile long and 3,000 feet wide. It's called "Death Skull Island", and it's off the coast of Mobius. But he only stays there when not traveling, he is recently in Mobius to recruit new members of his gang.
Forms: Super, Dark, Demon, Bloodlust, and Ultimate.

Abilities: He can glide by jumping off high obstacles, and he can shoot blasts of black energy. He has a few of the Chaos powers, he can do it with the stolen energy in his black diamond, and he has expertise with all his weapons, and is a expert in karate.
Strengths: Darkness, Lightning, and fighting with his team.

Weaknesses: Fighting alone, Water, Fire, and Light attacks, gliding to long and using his powers for to long. It wears him out.

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