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Edwina "Rita" Robotnik
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character




Fennec (Fox)
Grey-ish blue
Neutral Evil

Edwina is a 95 cm big fennec fox with big, floppy ears. She has a cream muzzle and a pink nose and her brown hair reaches down to her shoulders. Edwina's eyes are grey and have a blue shine to them. Her body has less of an hour glass form as she has slim hips. She wears a bullet proof vest and black, extremely short pants made of leather. Two metal plates connect her pants to the lower part of her pants which are made of metal. Her boots are made of metal as well. She has a poofy fennec tail with a cream colored bottom.
Edwina is much of a cheerful, happy, curious and enthusiastic person. She loves pretty and cute things. She's a girl after all. Even though she seems quite innocent at first sight, she will become deadly and aggressive. She collects the hearts of those who made her angry.

Edwina is also possessed by dark/evil spirits. When her "dark side" comes out she speaks in a corrupted, dark tone and often levitates in the air like a puppet. At times her eyes turn completely black and begin bleeding. In her possessed form she merely haunts people invading her home or really making her angry.
Edwina is the daughter of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman. She hasn't seen the outside world ever before and her curiosity drove her to sneak out of his base at the age of 7. Helplessly lost in the forest, calling for help, wild animals didn't wait long to chase her. Edwina, panicking, ran across a bridge, slipped and fell into the water below, hitting a rock on the bottom which knocked her out cold. When she woke up she was blown ashore. When she raised her head and looked about the area, she spotted an abandoned Mansion nearby. Once she entered she never was the little girl she was before. She was corrupted and possessed dark and evil thoughts. She lived in that mansion ever since, which now carries the name "Mansion of Madness".
Edwina lives in a gloomy abandoned mansion in a forest nearby station square named "The Mansion of Madness".
Edwina Robotnik is able to create sharp weapons (Swords, scalpels etc...) out of her own blood. She is required to posses an injury of any kind through.

As she is possessed by evil spirits, she can also levitate in the air, blow fire and create fire walls (etc.)
Edwina has no family apart from her father so, she states, she has nothing to lose. She's fast and athletic but still a fragile, mortal female. Her weak point is her stomach area and her head.
Edwina can be played in her adult and normal timeline, but also back when she was a child, if that is possible. Then she was 25 inches big, possessed two ponytails with a blue bow on each one. She had blue eyes and her ears were rather small back then. She wore a blue leather dress with a flower on it, white pants and black sandals.

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