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orange with red
orange and red
Chaotic Neutral
who i am

he has orange fur with red stripes. he also wears a black leather jacket with a red flame on it, black gloves,red and black shoes and sunglasses. he has a small scar by his eye that was from the attack that GUN killed his girlfriend.he is 3ft 6in and a fire surrounds him and he has medium sized ears. his quills are pointed like shadowes and in a simular color patern. he often glowes with the flames in his body. he alos has his arm/glove rings red in color and with a small flame on them. due to his fire his fur is often birght in color.
he hates all those in gun for the death of his girlfriend years back when he was on the ark. he also has a good side he likes to help innocents but despises the government and the law. he hates evildoers but also the government and will help any innoceint he finds (as long as its not a GUN agent) he has a small scar by his eye that was from the attack that GUN killed his girlfriend. but he still wonders if he can meet a new girl and forget about GUN and forget the pains of his past.
not much is known about his childhood but when he was 15 on the ark taking some old technology gun agents killed his girlfrind whos name is unknown. ever since then he has promised to kill all GUN and the government but to help innocents. he wanders from place to place now in serch of a way to get revenge and a safe home away from both GUN and evil alike.
drifts from place to place in serch of a home away from GUN current "home" lava shelter.
fire powers,gun,choas spaer/blast,and weapons
weakness: water and the memory of the ark
Strengths:fast,never gives up,fire powers
freedom fighters,anyone thast not evil (except GUN)
he has very hard punches and some times carries a gun or sword he deals with the scars of the GUN murder of his girlfriend and since then will often go on rampages sometimes killing innocents.

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