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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Light Green
Lawful Good
Endless Possibilities

Maris The Hedgehog Is A Light Green Hedgehog With A "I'll Show You What I'm Made Of!" Attitude. She Has A White Short Shirt And Brown Shorts.Her Gloves Are Brown With Stitches Zig-Zagging Everywhere With A Orange Rectangle In The Middle And Her Boots Are Also Brown With The Same Stitch Design. She Also Has Bangs And Some "Sorta-Long" Eye-Lashes. Oh Yeah,And Her Quills Start Off Down(Like Sonic's) Then They Go Upward In The Middle Then Down Again.
Maris Kind Of Acts Like Sonic But Usually She's More Serious Then Him. She Doesn't Really Like To Talk About Her Family Or Else She Will Get In A Super-Sad Mood. She Can Get Very,VERY,Mad If You Talk Trash About Her Family,But Most Of The Time She Tries To Stay Calm And Keep on Moving Forward. Maris Never Really Was Super-Serious But When She Needs To Be She Will.But All Around She's A Spunky Girl Who Loves Adventures And Will Help Anyone In Need.
Maris's Background is Kinda Sad. When Robotnik (A.K.A Eggman) Went Evil, He Sent A Swarm of His Robots Across Mobius In Hope Of Dominating Some Of It's Vast Zones And Just To Show Off His Power And That He's The "Big Cheese". One Of Those Places They Abushed Was Knothole Forest. And That's Where Maris Used To Live When She Was 5. The Robots Ambush Caused A Forest Fire And Killed Many Of The Residents There. Maris's House Was One Of The Firsts To Be Recked. Maris Was Asleep At The Time And When She Woke Up Her House Was Bursting in Flames.She Ran Down To See What Happend And She Saw Her Own Parents Get Killed By Some Robot. The Robot Was Going To Shoot Her But Luckily She Ran Out Fast Enough. The Robots Still Began to Pursue Her While She Was Running Out But Luckily,Sonic Grabbed her And Ran Her Into The Safety Of the Forest. Sonic Only Said A View Words To The Gal Before He Zoomed Off To Help Some Other Poor Mobians. Maris Vowed Vengance To Her Parents And To Find The Rest Of Her Family That Very Day. And Also She Vowed That When She Grew Up,She Wanted to Be Like That Blue Hedgehog. No One Knows If Maris's 3 Other Siblings Made It Out Alive Or Not,But It's Very Clear Her Parents Made It.For The Rest Of Her Years Through 15,She Lived In Knothole Forest Fighting The Very Small Amount Of Robots There For The Residence Of The Forest.She Never Really Knew Who Sonic Was Or Met Him Ever Again Until She Saved Him From An Eggman Factory That Was Ready To Go "Boom". Maris Then Earned The Freedom Fighters Trust And She Became One Of The Main Freedom Fighters. Maris Has A Somewhat Bond With The Green Chaos Emerald,And Her Story Behind That Is Unknown.Yet........
When She Was 5,She Lived In A Cosy Little Cabin In Knothole Forest Before It Was Burned Down To The Ground. She Then Lived Through Years 5 And 15 In Knothole Forest Alone. Through That Time She Really Didn't Have A Home But She Usually Was Seen Sitting Under The Great Oak Tree That Used To Belong To Her Parents.
Maris Has A Somewhat Mysterious Bond With The Green Chaos Emerald,So She Has An Ability To Do Many Attacks With It.But She Can't Really Do Much Damage To Someone Without It.

Chaos Gernade:This Is Where Maris Throws The Green Chaos Emerald At An Enemy, Sending Electricity And Energy From The Emerald Into The Enemy,Hurting It And Stunning It.

Chaos Blast:She Can Do The Same As Shadow But It Can Only Cover A Few Feet And Isn't As Strong,Making Her Having To Be Close To The Enemy To Do It.

Chaos Spear: She's Only Tried This Once But When She Does It It's Pretty Weak And It Drains Alot Of Her Energy

Chaos Kick: She Does A Kick Using The Energy Of The Chaos Emerald To Not Only Kick The Enemy,But Send Huge Amounts Of Static And Electricity Onto The Opponent.This Stuns The Enemy And Maybe Even K.O A Small Enemy If She Has Enough Power.

Kick: Maris Does A Normal Kick,But It Doesn't Do Much Damage.

Chaos Punch: It's The Same As Chaos Kick,Only A Punch. It Also Steals Some HP If Lucky.

Punch: Just Your Every-Day Punch

These Are The Super Attacks.They Are The Fiercest Things That Maris Can Ever Do.

Chaos Light: When Maris Is In Her Light Form,She Can Send A Burst Of Positive Energy Flying Everywhere,Like A Huge Explosion,Only It Kills All Negitive Energy Around.Maris BARLEY Uses This Because She Never Has To Turn light,Only Unless ALOT Of People Are In Grave Danger And There's No Hope Left.This Attack Can Go As far As The Universe

Chaos Of Oblivion: When Maris Is In Her Darkness Form (A.K.A Her Negitive Form) She Does An Attack EXACTLY Like Chaos Light,But Only It Kills EVERYTHING In Contact And Leaves A Huge Black Hole To Destroy Whats Left.Sadly,After This Attack,It Leaves Maris No Energy Or Life Left.Thus,Killing Her In The End.Maris NEVER,EVER,EVER Goes Into This Form!She's Never Done It Before And She Doesn't Even Know About It!And When She Does Do It,It Seems Like There's Someone Else Taking Her Place......

Oh Yes,And Maris Is Alittle Faster Than Tails,But Not As Nearly As Fast As Sonic Or Shadow.She Also Is A Great Swimmer And Absouloutely LOVES It.
Maris Is HUGELY Scared Of Ghosts And Things Like That. She's Kind Of Like Antoine D' Coolette. If You Played A Scary Movie Infront Of Her, She Will Run Through The Wall To Get Out. She Also Can't Do Much Without The Green Chaos Emerald,So When An Enemy Somehow Detatches Her From It,She's Almost Defencless.
Sendrom. Sendrom Is Maris's Other. He Is Completley Diffrent From Her And Will Do ANYTHING To Get The Green Chaos Emerald From Her.He Also Would Enjoy It Greatly If Maris Died,So I Don't Really Think There Best Buds.
SPOILER.Maris Is Actually "The Hedgehog Of Light" (A.K.A "The Positive Energy Of The Green Chaos Emerald"). She Was Souposed To Be The One That Sacraficed Herself To The Blackhole Of Darkness,Also Known As "IT".She Was Souposed To Use Chaos Light And Destroy It,Souposingly Destroying It.But Instead,It Got Her Trapped In It. But She Did Stop It From Escaping Into The Mortal World. Everyone Thought She Was Dead But She Was Trapped In IT For 4 Years. There Where Demons And Such In It,So It Almost Made Maris Go Insane. But When She Got Out, (Knuckles And Friends Where Being Attacked So He Summoned The Master Emerald To Help But Instead Freed Maris By The Power Of "Chaos Control") She Released So Much Energy,She Fell Into A Coma For 4 Months Before She Woke Up Again. The Coma Saved Her From Insanity,But It Was Also Filled With Nightmares From Being Inside IT.
Sendrom Was Also Part Of This,But Only He Was "The Hedgehog Of Darkness".Also Known As "The Negitive Energy Of The Green Chaos Emerald.His Precence Between The Years Maris Was In IT Are Unknown,Although Some Mobians Believe He Went To Work With Doctor Eggman To Re-Find The Green Chaos Emerald.

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