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Original Character



sky blue
Neutral Good
fury of the storm(dragon force)

His fur is a blue/green kind of color. he wheres a blue plaid over-shirt and a black under shirt.jeans and a pair of high-tops(black)
his shoes are like sonic's but without the strip over the shoe. the main color is Black and 2 stripes going side ways are white stripes with spikes on the back.the pikes are black.he has circles on the bottom of his shoes. he has a wrist band on his left hand and a finger-less glove on his left as well.
he is a nice guy who wants to be the best fighter. he never backs down from a fight. he has a ''lets go now!'' andatude.his friend he treats them like rivles to every one.but can get tonally serious when need.but besides that he has a nice outgoing,relaxing andatude.He hates the idea of no freedom,he looks at the sonic heroes as his goal to join them and fight against evil. Now he wishes of being just like sonic in every way.
he was born in station square and Leand to fight him self he lived a boring life until he found a chaos emreld it disaperd after he saw it though, he looked for it for years hearing the story of the ''super''. he soon trained by him self in ice cap zone and developed a icy power.
he made his own powers and trained for 7 years and now wants to make him self known.entering a torment he fights the leader of the sonic heroes sonic! scared to fight he reacts slowly but then picks up afterwords and proply has a well matched fight in the finals.And takes it to another level when he fights for real. sonic wins and gives subzero credit for such a good fight he has bean training ever cenice.
station square
he uses ice to freeze and un-freeze water and can manipulative it as well. he can have ice come out of his shoes so he can skate like shadow but he can use it to elvate things and himslef.

Ice saw blade: he trows a icy circle of sharp ice

Hover: yeah...

chaos control: alows to munpulate time and space

speed break: alows him to move as fast as sonic for 20 Min.

star breaker: he gathers 500 rings at a time and can force it into a attack of great power and ablatrate anything can never use again after usage for 1 year.

no serivors: He uses the power of the chaos emreld and shoots blats of about 100 rings per shot, of about 3,000 shots in all,and shoots at the opponent after using he can never use it again.

Picture perfect: use his fingers to make a portrite and hold time still in that spot.
he loses his ice ability wean near lava or extream temp. but near ice he comes so powerfull.

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