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jake the hedgehog
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Chaotic Good
all stars

he is 16-17
he has white hair and half black spikes
he is having black gloves
he is wearing pants,
shoes and
his clothes are grey
the color of his belt is brown
his shoes are knuckles like looking but a little more different and they are red

he is having hair on his chest
he is having a 4 pack
his hands are a little hurt because of the fights ,punches and shocks he given and took ( for the shock thing see the abilities)
he is having 1,90 meters
he is having 66 pounds
his fists are a little big and so his feet
he is not fat
his head is circle
he is having 3 spikes on the back of the head and some more little ones on the back
jake is the type of guy what is always keeping a smile on his face and is optimistic in almost everything.
he is NEVER giving up on ANYTHING.
he is also a totally crazy guy.he is adventuring even in the deepest and worse dangers of the universe and he is pretty much liking it.he is a guy what never stays in one place.
even if hes an adventurer jake is a good guy.he is trying to help everybody he meets even if he is having some other jobs to do.
everyone what met him lives was changed.
his favorite food is : hot dogs
jake the hedgehog was born in a far planet.he was the prince of it.his planet was being kept alive only because of ONE source of energy.the core.
when jake had 2 years an evil guy took over his world.
he also tried to destroy the core and make the planet shatter.but he failed.
in the meantime a resistance made up and took the royal family with them.
one night a member of the resistance took the core from his dirty hands and run back in the hideout.the core shape was horrible.all the elements were blown away except one : electricity.
some days later the guards found the resistances hideout and killed em all ( even the royal family).
the last thing they done was to put the core inside the baby.
the guards were not knowing about that.
they put the baby in a little boat and send it away.
jake survived and trough years he grown up,made a new resistance and he also found out about the core inside of him.
but so the evil guy was knowing.
on his head was put a big bounty.
after some more years when he was 16...he planned the last attack.
he and his friends ( there are only 2 of em btw)
attacked the ship but the evil guy catch him into a trap...threw them in escape pods and send them far away...they crashed in mobius.
here starts jakes adventure.
he is living in green hill zone
his own abilities : strong punch hits,electricity powers,combat abilities.
hedgehog specific abilities : spindash,light speed.
strengths: he is strong against fire and water and is charging himself from any electricity source
weaknesses : back hits,earth,absorbing powers.
just so u know...his home planet was NOT mobius.

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