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Original Character


hybrid between a fox and a lynx
Neutral Good
hell song sum 41

Black mowhok, red eyes that are compard to rubys,has no shirt, riped trench coat, scars( given in the war to protect mobius),sometimes a ring on finger( given to him by his dead mother),black and red dcs, black fur, six pack. A girl (most of the time) around his arm. Can be seen in the forest, in his mantion, a resterant with girlfriend, or P.O.M HQ. In war suit he looks like: he has a black meatal chest amor, red knee gards, back gun holder. He holds : ak47, ak47, shotgun, m16, and a raging bull.
Is sortta cocky, skater boy addatude, ladys man,relible,loyal, thinks about how to keep a girl interest in him. He likes: fighting, girls, money, kissing girl friends, and positive attidudes. He dislikes : girls getting hurt, being alone, and negitive attidudes. His allys are : blaze , shadow. Nicole , sally , knuckles, mina, kystal , fiona , scourge. enemys : sonic, silver, dr.eggman, rouge (sometimes), tails, jet, ash the mongoose ( made mina brake up with fox)
Former GUN and Dark legon member now has own team called P.O.M (Protecters Of Mobius) sally is now staring to have feelings for fox. But he clams to still have feelings for his newest ex-girlfriend fiona. Fox and fiona has been together twice. Sallys program Nicole has been given to fox. Sally gave him Nicole to keep after the war of worlds. Witch consisted of mobius, earth, and the star fox palnet. In that war he meet krystal who left the star fox planet to o to mobius. The soon deviloped a sense of feeling for each other. Fox mlicload who liked kystal started the rivrly. Fox gave my fox a nickname it was imposter or kystal called my fox skater boy. The name was beacause fox skated a lot when they met.
Fire, a gun , a katana, an knifes
Strengths: when he is fighting for love his fire grows hotter. Weakness : can't fight a girl
Frist to resent. Fiona, rouge, blaze, mina, fiona again, kystal ( from star fox)

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