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jade the bat
Original Character


black with a red extention
Neutral Evil

jade looks like rouge but with black hair and a red streak over her eye and she has grey hearts instead of pink she is an oc she has bright red eyes that burn it you she has thin arms and mall hands she wears high heals and has a heart on her cheek she has large ears and headphones she is about 3'5 tall her wings ar thiner then otherbats witch makes her faster in the air she hasa gun hidden in her left boot she also carries a hoddie that turns into a suit to hide her face while stealing she also has to crystal like cubes hangign fro her right ear
she is always smileing hiding her the fact she likes to rob from other mobians she mainly likes shiny things such as chaos emeralds she is wiry coniving and get u in and out of any place she loves water and flight she tipickly tricky to new people but when u know her u can tell wat shes done she likes going fast but hates when it messes up her hair shes good on a computer and likes fighting she loves to be in charge but hates not being able to relie on her feinds
she goes back to a mud hole where she was born she grew up raised by smuggelers and burgelers her back round is to take dont thank and leave befor someone finds out her hero is manic the hedgehog who she adors she wishes to meet him some day and sonic and sonia she was veery younge when her brother hawk the bat was taken away by the eggman empire she has sworn revenge because of it

kickflips and she can also use her headphones as a whip or rope
she likes men espeicaly hadgehogs

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