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Sonic jr.
Feature Character


Lawful Good

Looks like sonic by appearance, but shorter for being younger than sonic. sometimes mistaken as sonic by amy from a distance; but isnt sonic. None nows his origin, but some say he is related to sonic. he has blue eyes unlike sonic, and is liked by everyone, he is cute and wears shoes identical in appearance look like sonic's, made by tails. As long as he gets told hes cute and tough, hes okay and not ot hurt a fly. inside he is more than what he looks; people say he is a mini me of sonic. he is 2' and 10" and is short; but cool and tough for his appearance. has more spikes than sonic; but has 1 injured spike that can make him remember his childhood and lonlieness. On mobius he is well known from evryone. as long as he is known and cool, hes okay for that lonlieness.
He is brave from head to toe; because of his childhood as a child in the forest. not knowing his birthday; he is still happy. being raised by sonic;he has an attitude; but is smart like tails and is sure to talk scientific around you if tails is around at the time asking him questions. watch out; he will bite your back if you make rumor about him or anything rude without him knowing. why; he fights for justice; as long as you can be a good an loyal freind he wont hurt you at all. if a problem comes; he is sure to help solve it. he always is upi to fight eggman and protect mobius and his family. whenever he sees anyhting strange he is the first to check it out. he is sneaky like a ninja.
left alone in the dense forest of mobius at a very young age by his mother; when he learned how to walk he build an ideal shelter and survived in the forest. he is brave because of this time period of all the hard times he went through. he survived through the dense forest of mobius all alone with no animals or mobians around to help. He was found at age 4 by sonic and tooken as his own he cried himself to death with joy of sonic taking him as his own child.
sonic's house
just like sonic abilitywise; except can do chaos beam because of shadow teaching him how.

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