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Dirt Prower
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Dirt Prower

Lawful Good
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Dirt is a black two tailed fox, with large ears, and a white muzzle. his eye color is yellow, he has black and white sneakers with a gray sole, white gloves (the right glove have green stripes), and an alien watch on his right wrist called the ultimatrix. when it comes to attire, Sometimes Dirt will wear a Black shirt, a green, white striped jacket, and blue pants. Dirt looks similar to his brother, Miles"tails" Prower. The hair on the top of his head sticks out into three curved pointed spikes going upward. the fur on his muzzle also go upward
almost same personality as ben tennyson, good mooded, friendly, and always want to help people, and be in action, sometimes he will backtalk, be rude, make fun of other peoples appearances and act like a smart-alack. When it comes to racing, dirt is one of the best, he can outrun any racer that bets against him. his most craved food and beverage are chili fries and strawberry banana smoothies. dirt also has some positive talents, like cooking or doing parkour, he's also a pro at pulling pranks. he is also the best COD gamer in his region, with a high KD ratio and cool quickscoping.
Dirt Prower is a fan character that brings together the ben 10 and sonic the hedgehog universes. Dirt is 14 years old, and is the Descendent of Ben tennyson.Dirt found the ultimatrix at age 10, with only 10 aliens available, and everything else locked, finally unlocking every feature of the ultimatrix, he can transform into over 1,000,000 aliens, included a variety of ultimate forms, some of the alien forms is based off of some Marvel Superheroes like Iron man and spiderman. dirt usually spends his time fighting enemies or hanging out or playing Call Of Duty with his friends. his two best friends are Ash Mongoose, and Mina Mongoose. Although one of dirt's ancestors was a human, some of his ancestors were the alien races of Anodytes and osmosians
New Mobotropolis, Mobius
Dirt can transform into over 1,000,000 aliens, he can absorb the strength of material just by touching it (rocks, wood, etc)
Dirt has access to the ultimarix (alien watch) at all times

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