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Soluck Gaiaonous
Original Character


Soluck Gaiaonous

Chaotic Good

Soluck is a 5'8 With Dark Gray hair and white haight lights and the tips of the fit on his head. Huge bushy tail. Long black jeans, Big black shoes. Huge green mysterious eyes. Normally has a sword with him called Durendal, It is his main weapon and is like another limb to him. Durnedal looks like this:
He has sharp, wolf-like, canines that he uses for ripping into venison (his favorite meat/meal). Has a habit of teleporting and/or shapeshifting into his wolf form to get around.
A little crazy but loyal to his friends and family until his last breath, is incredibly smart but a lot of the time fails to use common sense. Prefers the out doors to the in and loves all animals big and small ESPECIALLY canines. Has a short temper and gets into fights easily further proving his recklessness. Wishes he could settle down and have a family, nice home and that he could either FINALLY trap and/or destroy S.I. Loves video games, wants his own wolf puppy, Is still getting used to the new urban style of food.
Soluck was born on the very last day of creation a Sunday of the first year. He was born with different abilities of which he could not control and often caused him to strike out with these abilities when he was scared/under stress. He has one brother Zadous (was born with the power of electricity) and sister, Blaz (was born with the power of electricity).

When Soluck was still very young, all of the evil in his soul manifested into a demonic, evil twin like version of himself with white fur and red eyes known as S.I (Satan's Image). Soluck and his siblings barely survived their first encounter with S.I.

Throughout the ages though the trio fought on training and growing stronger until this day and age where they continue to fight the growing darkness that is S.I and his Demonic minions.
Lives on a planet in the Mobian star system called the Emeraldian but recently moved to Mobious on account of the supposed possible attacks S.I might pose on Mobious.
Telekinetic and Psychokinetic abilities. Can control plants, transform into full wolf form and see other peoples auras. He is a master martial artist and specializes with both single and dual sword styles.
Weaknesses: LOVES Chocolate (Weakness?)
Has a spot on his back that if hit right knocks him out cold for 5 seconds (he's not invincible...)

Strengths: Will protect his loved ones with his life.
Is VERY strategic in battle.

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