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Feature Character


black: natural electric blue special
electric blue
Neutral Neutral
Oh no you the mercenaries

Void is a black and electric blue hedgehog with shadow stripes and army boots wich switch to speed boost shoes. He has black leather gloves and a backpack which is a secret G.U.N jetpack. he has electric blue chest hair and mostly wears a tattered cape his bandana was replaced by a hood to cover up his face he has a lot more than normal chest hair. He switches his cape out with a Black jacket when its cold enough like the arctic ice caps.
his shoes were stolen from dr eggman when he was trying to figure out how to match his speed the expirement failed but the shoes were kept later stolen >:D.
Void is a focused person and constantly focus's on a current mission.He barely talks about how he feels he is very loyal to G.U.N and can talk his way out of most things when it doesnt go his way he fights as hard as he can.
He is also an assigned spy his most targeted enemy is shadow seeing him as a dangerous threat
Due to the events of black doom and him.
He also hates chaos 0 and how he almost killed the city and its residents...
Void was taken by G.U.N at the age of 5 and was trained to be a ruthless fighting machine losing his arm to tessa his arch nemesis' it was replaced by a robotic replica but a thousand times stronger.He is there top elite fighter and will risk anything he rarely opens up.he knows a variety of moves taught by him by his best friend techno the chao.
He met his archrival during the events of sonic adventure 2 where he was caught with doctor eggman but never introduced.
chaos void(opens blackhole)
electric blackhole charge

close combat:
kick uppercut
punch combo
punch headlock
smash kick
kick combo
rapid kick/punch
flip kick
far away:
He uses guns like shadow
When in dark areas(really dark) he can dissapear
but he has a flimsy right arm that is not very strong at times when he's tired...
Tessa (nemesis)
chaos 0
freedom fighters
tech the chao (featured character)
G.U.N captain
"get out of my way..."
"prepare to be destroyed!"

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