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Nico the Artificial Hedgehog
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Nico the Artificial Hedgehog

Artificial Hedgehog
Neutral Evil
"Don't Stay" (Linkin Park)

Nico is a hedgehog who is primarily Blue, has a Lightning arrow-shaped Scar on his torso,Not on his arms. He is, if not slightly taller, the same height as Sonic and Shadow. The rims of his eyes are heavily darkened, almost like Silver's, . His top-most spine curves down, then straight, His lower most spines don't reach his knees. He is usually wearing gloves that are torn due to his blood covered claws. The scar is from a fight with Sonic which he didn't intend to happen. His muzzle is like Sonic's, and his mouth is filled with sharp fangs.. His shoes are Grey Sonic-like Shoes with rockets built into the soles.
Nico is BARELY loyal to Eggman, going as far as being whipped and beaten just to fight Sonic. He is Eggman's Slave due to his unnatural strength. He is not easily offended. He prefers hand-to-hand combat over all else, and will stick with it unless the situation deems a different type is needed. He has shown a certain affinity for one "Rouge the Bat" , going as far as fighting Shadow over her, which got him Rouge's respect at best. He has a deep seeded hatred towards Eggman and his drones, often calling him a coward for hiding behind them. Although he shows sympathy and respect for those like Metal Sonic, often showing signs of mourning when another unit is destroyed.
Nico is an artificial lifeform created by Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. He was an attempt to create a "copy" of The Ultimate Lifeform, instead resulting in a completely unique and original being. While the attempt was not successful, and the Doctor was about to kill Nico, Sonic's timing was not to good. However, Nico hesitantly fought with Sonic,mostly dodging not attacking, He yelled for Sonic to stop but he would not..Sonic gave him a large scar then Nico used all his strength and nearly killed Sonic. This won Nico Eggman's respect, and, even though he failed to stop Sonic (simply because he was not yet accustomed to his own fighting capabilities), earned him a spot at Eggman's side in the Eggman Empire. Little did he know that he would become Eggman's test subject and slave
Nico feels most at home away from the Eggdome, He is forced to go wherever Eggman goes, just in case Eggman runs into trouble and must use him.
Nico has the ability to use Dark Chaos Energy, yet he is not able to use the same form of Chaos energy as Knuckles and Shadow. He is able to activate a Super Transformation with both the 7 Chaos Emeralds and Anarchy Beryl, but there's a catch. If he tries to use a Chaos Emerald when he does NOT have them all, it is like poison to him. He simply cannot handle them without all 7 (Eggman deduced that his DNA may have gotten corrupted or something). Anarchy Beryl, on the other hand, is heaven. His affinity for the Moebian variation of the Chaos Emeralds is what draws him to it. He knows better than to use it for last ditch efforts though, as he fully knows the consequences of what happens when it runs out. He can also, if angered, turn into a gigantic demon, killing all in his way.
His strength is what makes him strongest. His MIND. He is patient, strong-willed, and respecting, but also stubborn, arrogant, and has issues trusting others. This makes him extremely hard to trick, hard to fight since he won't easily back down, and hard to fight anyway, since he'll make you angry enough to cloud your judgement.
For Neo's Weaknesses, see "Fears".
Death, finding out his Crush (Rouge the bat) is dead, Defeat. Eggman
He loves Rouge the bat...though....Rouge may not feel the same way

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