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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Feature Character



Neutral Good
T.O.P. by Big Bang

Mikio has small spikes that are curved upwards.(Not like Shadow's!)that are placed on his head. Mikio's clothing are gloves and shoes.(like any other official male character). His gloves have a glowing star the shows off the color of a reddish-orange light. His shoes are the same as Tails's shoes but having a star on the front and blue and white as the colors. His eyes are cobalt blue. Not like Shadow and Silver, Mikio doesn't have any chest fur he has a the body of Sonic's. Mikio also has the arms of Sonic, a peach skin tone to match his stomach area.
Mikio is very playful but sensitive at times. Being abandoned at the age of 3 was the cause of being sensitive. He's not that shy at times but occasionally sassy. He always keeps his confidence up and doesn't bring up the past but thinks about the future. For exmaple, when his parents were taken away Mikio never even brought up into a conversation even though he still remembers quite well. After he met Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails Prower, he felt that Sonic was like his big brother. When Sonic ever were to visit Blaze's dimension, Mikio would always travel him and his best friend or any other friends of Sonic's
Mikio may be a young boy but he's a fighter. He was born not too far away of the royal castle in the dimension Blaze the Cat was princess of. At one of Blaze's battle between Metal Sonic, it was obvious all the villagers were witnesses. All because of that one brawl between the cat and robot, Mikio wanted to be just like Blaze, having the power of flames. At the age of 3 years old Eggman-Nega came to steal the sol-emerald once again! Thanks to Eggman-Nega, Mikio's parents were taken away by him and his army of robots. Through his years he'd always stay close to the castle to always hang out Blaze which is a big surprise, since she was serious most of the time. Day after day, Blaze would teach him some of her abilities. Soon enough, he also met the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog and his best friend Miles "Tails" Prower who had traveled to the dimension. When Mikio was now 7 years old, he soon met the bizarre-spiked hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog who chaos-controlled to the dimension. Mikio hopes that there'll be more adventures ahead of him.
Mikio lives in the same dimension the royal princess, Blaze the Cat, lives. Mikio lived near the royal castle where the royal family members would see him always sitting on the steps minding his own. After meeting Sonic the Hedgehog, he'd always wanted to live in his dimension, Mobius.
Mikio's abilities are flames. As told, Blaze taught him his combat abilities. He then later learned that where their flames came from were different. Blaze's flames sometimes came within anger or hatred of something or someone, unlike Mikio. His flames didn't come from anger or hatred, they came from the strength inside of him.
Told before, Mikio's flames a kept within strength and passion inside him. Since he is only a 7-year old hedgehog his stamina isn't that strong to make huge flames as Blaze, his best friend, because she's much more older than him.

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