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Original Character


jet black and white strids on her back
Neutral Good

hair:jet black with some whight strids on her back and you do not want to know how that and she didnt die it on her or was born with it.its related with a expareament gone wrong.
cloths:fer. DU!
extras:gloves and boots and changs.
voice:it depends if shes mad its kind of roufish if shes happy it boyish when shes scared her voice gos vary high and when shes confued her voice gos just plane low when she howls sometimes it gos high sometimes it gos low and when shes bored she says nothing.
shes thinks that some times sonic is rude and wonders why amy likes him.
She HATES eggman and robutnick and shes confued with what to do go be a hobo or marrying this rich dude or stay indete with the whoule sonic saveing her thing. She thinks like this fend for your self and never look back even if you want to and dont dwell in the past and get reveng on eggman!And has a deep dark secert. it invavs a exparament gone wrong. i am not telling you what happened or she woude kill me!literetly!!!!!!!! so you will propaply never know what the secert and i hope you never know. see ya!
Her mom died when she was little and was torchered by eggman. She was basicly a ginne pig. She was saved by sonic when he was forting eggman. And then this rich dude porposed to her she toute about her opshuns: opshun 1:marry him. opshun 2:be a hobo. opshun 3:stay with sonic and be in his dete. opshun 4: go back to eggman and kill him when you gane his trust! she might choose opshun 4. if you read the begining then youll understand.ill update soon!! see ya!

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