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Gaby the hedgehog
Original Character


Gaby the hedgehog

Lawful Good

Gaby the hedgehog
Age: unknown
Species: Hedgehog, Black Arms DNA
Likes: Eggman, Hugs, her husband, having alot of clothes, having and making friends and her family.
Dislikes: John, Rape, getting teased, getting banned for nothing, losing her friends, getting hurt.

Coat: Her coat is a pastel green.

Eyes: blue
Clothes: Just black shoes and brown jacket.

Type: 3rd ultimate Lifeform
Team: Team Empire
Super: Her superform is very deadly
Hyper: very kind but can snap easyly
Dark: Not good to deal with u get easyly murdered on the spot
Demon: Calm time to time but when angered will destory and get what she wants
Personality: Happy, smart, crazy time to time, lovable, sometimes evil, loves to help people alot.

When shes angry she would go insane but that rarely happens cause shes very in love with Eggman.

Personality: Gaby is strong-willed, prideful and wise. She has a strong sense in doing what she believes to be right even if others disagree with her. She also has a strong desire to be the hero, often leading her to act up if innocents are being persecuted or treated unfair and unlawfully. At some times, she can be quite arrogant and rather overconfident in his abilities, often leading her to underestimate her opponents, though she can easily adapt to new situations.
Back Story: She was saved by her father Gerald Robonik, he pushed her into a tube
and turned it on and left the room saying his last goodbyes and closed the lab.
Left alone for 50 years just sleeping till the day she got awoke by Doctor Ovi Eggman.
Eggman Released Shadow on Earth with Kyuubi.

When Eggman released Gaby he fell in love with her so he took her to his lab fast and put her to rest on his bed and went off to destroy Sonic as normal.
Eggman's first base. She lives with Maria the hedgehog. They are great friends but they do get into fights abit.
Power/Weapons: Guns, Chaos, using her forms to destory things, her boots have knifes in them

Abilities: As a member of the Robotnik family, Gaby was also born with elemental powers. In her case, they were fire. She can control any form of fire or heat and can even create her own fire. However, a lack of oxygen will render her powerless, though even under such circumstances she can effectively defend herself. Her powers have evolved over the years, her fire now burning a bright white rather than the standard orange-red. For many years, she viewed her powers over fire as a curse, seeing fire as only capable of bringing destruction and avoids using them.

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