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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Mutant Hegehog
Orange (fur)
Emerald Green
Neutral Neutral

An orange furry hedghog, a red stripe going up his arms and legs. Standing 3'0 inches tall, holding a scar behind his left ear, the inners of his ears are black as coal. His white gloves are ripped a little, and his shoes are coverd in black and red, but they where originaly white.

His oddball stomach is brown, turtle like, but brown as dirt.
He also has a tail, big and furry, starting off red, but mixes imto orange. He is spiny from the back, going up to the between of his ears. His nose is a small, black nose. It shiny like marble.
Sensitive and childish, anti-social, but kind. Basicly afraid of his own shadow. He feels like he cant give up, but will try anything short cut it. He somtimes gets caught in the past, but is usually inpatient. He is optimistic, but most of all, he's afraid of his past. This causes him to get very antisocial
, but is very trustworthy. He also gets persistent. Due to which causes him to not give up. He is the basic opposite of normal, which makes it so that he will stop at nothing to catch the person who attacked him.
He was born out of lava. Just a normal lava crature... Until somthing attacked him! Being new-born, he could not fight back, or remember who attacked him. He woke up at lava shelter, and crawled off toward central city.

When he arived there, society rejected him, and he felt so alone, he lived at an abandond workshop. He learned english from the pepole on the street . And at the age of 10 left to a place called "Angel Island".

Lucky, he saved a piece of work called a warp ring. It was a prototype, but he landed strait at his birthplace, lava reef. He lived in a cave for 5 yeats before working up the idea of returning. The reason he left? To find and confront his attacker.
In a cave, under a rock at the hot area of lava reef.
He is unturned by heat.
Has a Mutated Tail.
He is cowardly. (WK)
He is weak. (WK)
He cant stand the energy of a chaos emerald. (WK)
He is anti-social. (WK)
He is gullable. (WK)
He is weak against cold. (WK)
He is forgetful. (WK)
He is a little childish. (WK)
He is very persistent. (WK)

He is cunning. (ST)
He can find chaos emeralds, by moving with his negative feelings. (ST)
He runs at 3/4's of sonics speed. (ST)
He is optimistic. (ST)
He can withstand mass heat. (ST)
He holds a power called ED (energised doubles) which allows sudden bursts of energy. (ST)
He jumps high. (ST)
Just standing next to an emerald can weaken him. Around all 7, it can knock him out. Due to his cross wave patterens, chaos emeralds mess with his brain. (What he dosnt know is that his ED is the reason)
A power due to him being attacked at birth, he can release energy copys or ''Doubles" that burst full of energy. He can walk into them, and blast at full speed. However, he cant stand chaos emeralds due to it.
He dosnt know much of his situation.
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Sorry about anything spelt wrong.

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