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Levana the Wolf
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Ice blue
Lawful Neutral
Don't Know Yet

3'5", long black hair, grey fur, English accent :)

I'm a wolf. I guess that much was obvious.

White muzzle. Feline eyes. Big ears. I usually put my hair in a braid or a ponytail. My little brother loves it.

15 years old, attending high school. If you see me, I'm probably carrying some Gothic fiction XD

I like to wear purple, but only because all the other things Jenny tries to make me wear are gross! I have a black jacket that belonged to an uncle of mine once. That is pretty cool too. A bit big on me, but I like to be able to hide inside it. For some reason, it makes me feel safer :)
I have really strong opinions, so expect me to give you a bollocking every so often. Aside from that, I would say that I'm nice, intelligent, a very fast learner and very keen to get to know you. And if you're mean to me, I'm likely to be nice back anyway because that's what my mother always did ;)

Things I like: English, Yiddish music, architectural design, old-fashioned things, my Jewish heritage, the place where my mother's ashes were scattered, watching clouds, that moment just before you get an injection and you don't know if you should look or not...

Things I don't like: Stupid people, stupid teen movies, stupid teen books, cigarettes, talking about my foster parents, Pat and Jenny, Jenny lecturing me, Jenny being a hypocrite, Jenny in general...
Okay. Sob story start. Mum died when I was thirteen. Sick bastard of a father hung himself shortly after. Now it's just me and my little brother Pytor living with this weird Christian couple on planet Rozoth. Sob story end. But that's it, and at least I get to attend high school on Mobius, away from the evangelist freaks we know as Pat and Jenny.
You're gonna hate me. I live in this huge mansion which Jenny has bought with all of her "lady power" money. Pat just works as a rail layer at the local station. It doesn't pay great, but he enjoys it too much to leave. I preferred our old small house, but understandably, I'm afraid to go back there. Big mansion really isn't all that great. It's big. It's marvelous. And then that's it. Big and empty.
Well, I can do this thing, right, where I can manipulate electricity. It makes me feel all tired and sometimes I get a nosebleed if I do it for too long, but it's REALLY useful :)

My mother always said I had a gift. She called it The Eye of the Moon. It's like a deeply meditative trance where I can actually leave my body and venture somewhere else in the night-time. She was probably just saying that to make me go to sleep though, and I haven't been able to do that since I was seven. And even then, it might have just been my imagination, but it was still pretty cool :)
Usually, I like to avoid!

I love the English language. It's not even my native language (Yiddish is) but it's so expressive! I love how you have about ten different words for the same thing :D Anyway, I love to use language because I believe words have great power. Yeah, it's not metaphysical or anything, but it still works!

Jenny doesn't know it, but I also practice Jiujitsu in my room. I think I'm better at it than her. I don't mind saying. It's probably true. But anyway, that's just self defense. Any violent techniques I learned came from my sick bastard father's side of the family.
So who's this Sonic guy?

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