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Original Character


Chaotic Good

Fur Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Eye color: Amber

Future is a Light Blue Swallow with Amber eyes and Blue Color Hair,She Also has a Scar Near Her Ear The Scar is Not A normal Scar it Has Meaning
HEr Scar Means, Wisedom, Strengthness, Happiness, Loaylty and Honesty She is always Wearing a future helmet and a Future Armour During Battle.
She Was Also Whereing a Bow At her back
her Hair syle is Like Wave But A little bit
She Also has a Ball That is made of Iron At her Right Poket That is her HoverBorad
She Likes To Be cool So She use to Were A SungGlasses Some Times(Not For Battles)
Cool, Hipster, Hyper, Quick, Talented, Smart, Freindly, Tough,Party Animal, Creative loyal and Brave

She Likes To Be The Cool
And She Enjoys Playing her HoverBorad on Some Flat Mountain Also She Is Really Skilled At Using hoverBorad

Also She Really Likes To Play Chase With Sonic The Hedgehog

She Is also A Party Animal She Always Host parties and Stuff

She Like FireWorks To So She Is Creative on
making Some Awesome Fireworks
She Belongs To a Future planet And Also The
Captin Of A Army, After Years A War was
Held In Her Planet,But Before The War Start her planet's Princess Was Killed By Her Evil Twin Sister After That happen She was Crowned to be
The Planet's Royal Princess, But Even The Royal rule is That the Princess Should not Fight, But The KingDom Still Support Her To Keep Fightning.
After that The War Was Begin, Then One Awful thing Happen, Her Assistant Was Almost Killed By A Explosion But Future Manged To Sacrifice to
Save Her Assistant , The good THing is
She has Reborn, But The Strange Thing That is She Waked up in Mobius
She Would Like To Live in a Lovley TreeHouse you
Can usally Find her in The Great Forest Zone You mIght THink Which Tree you Should Look at No
Worries She Lives In The Tallest Tree In The Great Forest Zone And Her House is Looking Quite Fun And Cool
Uses Her HoverBorad When Chasing Enemys,
Breath in Water
can Murder anyone with Ultimate Sword
Control Water
Freeze Fire
Her Weakness is when Fightning in Fire Place
or when she is in Some Fire Place,
Metel Sonic, Eggman, Eggman's creatotions
(just Simply All The Villains)
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Jet, Wave, Storm,
Amy, Blaze, Silver, Cream,Vector, Charmy, Esipo, Marine, Mighty, Cheese & Maria

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