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Richard Dasher The Hedgehog
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Richard Dasher The Hedgehog

Dasher/ Mobian Hedgehog Hybrid
Chaotic Neutral
Found: The Phantom Echidnas

He is usually seen wearing a torn black T-Shirt, A pair of torn blue jeans and a pair of red air shoes. Occasionally, he is seen wearing a black cowboy hat. He has black hair tufts and blood red eyes. He occasionally wears a dark yellow scarf.
As a child, he wore a clean black T-Shirt and blue shorts. His shoes are black boots with a white stripe coming down the middle. His cowboy hat is important to him because it belonged to his first friend.
He along with his 9 brothers all have a birth mark shaped like a D, this is the weak spot of a Dasher, his birth mark is located on his chest.
Richard's personality varies on his mood as he is easily angered. His grudge against Sonic can also influence his dicisions in a conflict.
He has low tolerance for others and rarely respects his opponents. He can be shown to have a heroic side, depending on who he is fighting for, making him neutral. Money also influences the side he chooses. He also doesn't mind killing lives in order to achieve his goals.
As a child, his Father's verbal abuse left Him emotionally torn and doesn't like to surround himself with friends.
A year before Sonic's birth, Jules had executed Richard's older counter part Shiare. This caused the good in Richard's heart to fade, creating a void inside of Richard. This affected his mental behavior, he then donned a sword pack and focused solemnly on killing the royal hedgehog Family. Later on in his early teen ages, he formed a group called triple threat and encountered for the first time, Lindsey. Their rivalry grew into a somewhat romantic relationship. Going into his late teen ages, he and Lindsey then conceived a child. Who was later born as Myron Dasher. He, Lindsey and Luis embarked on treacherous endeavor to find Richard's lost swords. After found, Lindsey then bared the swords on her back. After five months Lindsey gave birth and Richard and Lindsey began their family. During the Gravity Saga, Richard and The Dashers have to battle the newly revived Demon-Hog resurrected from the form of Nazo the hedgehog. He was challenged by Richard after stating that he would kill Sonic which Richard responds,"Keep your damn-dirty paws off of the hedgehog". This only ends when Gravity brutally kills Richard by smashing Richard using the Gravitational pull method. He is then sent and banished to the thinner realm. He reluctantly runs into the renowned and newly developed wraith Cinos. Richard and Cinos form an alliance and escape the thinner realm. Using the power of the chaos emeralds, Cinos and Richard return to their mortal forms. As shown Cinos is Sonic's dead form. When Richard finds out that it was the killed Sonic, whom help him escape the thinner region, he diminishes his hatred toward Sonic. He then poses to fuse with Sonic as attempt to kill Gravity. Sonic says that he has other things and bids farewell to Richard. Sonic then disappears. Richard then transforms to a form reminiscent to the super saiyan 3 form and kills Gravity avenging his own death. After the events of the gravity saga, he went on a life of peace and raised his 9 kids.
Richard resides in the firey pits of hell, there he spends time meditating for periods of time only to come out at his own will.
When not in hell, he lives on the Angel Island Zone.
Dasher Bomb: Large Blast that devastates opponents.
Dasher Death Bomb: Gigantic Blast that can destroy Planets.
Dasher Death Ray: A disk blast that causes minor damage.
Lightspeed dash: Travels at twice his speed, allowing free hits.

Sharp Reflexes
Light Speed
Expert Swordsmanship
His genetically engineered blood allows him to breath underwater for a maximum of 2 hours, 5 if unconscious or asleep.
He can also travel at lightspeed.
He can survive in extremely hot conditions.
He can transform to super form without the chaos emeralds.
He cannot be frozen.

He is weakened by cold environments.
Fighting at full power, decreases his maximum stamina within minutes.
His speed decreases as his stamina does.
He cannot use chaos emeralds.
He can take damage form.
His birthmark on his chest can cause him great pain if damaged.

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