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Viliot "Vy"
Original Character



Neutral Evil
All these lives

Robo eye (left side of paper when drawn, so i guess it would be her right eye..? Idk how that works...). The eye is missing a few panels, so the wires are visible. They eye glows so its viewed in the dark (which can make it a weakness for her)

Hair that covers robo eye
Big ears that go on the side of her head.
White muzzle and inner part of ear

Grey tank top, blue belt, black, ripped skirt with blue on bottom

White, knee high socks. Black and red elbow high gloves
Black flat shoes
Shes more of a stay-to-herself type. Any job she is given, she does.
Trained to be an assassin, brainwashed by kitchiko to be evil.
Living off of the motto- "if they want you dead, them you deserve it"

Shes generally serious. Blank or angry expressions. If ever snapped, she would most likely still approach in anger. Not wanting to believe anything

Before the kidnapping, she was nice, happy. Treated everyone with respect and had respect for everyone; not caring if they were good or not.

Also, she is a vegetarian, being that she is a rabbit
At the age 6, she was living in a small house with her mom and dad. Thats when kitchiko came into power. She seen potential in viliot, so she kid napped her. After being kidnapped, kitchiko attempted to make her into a robot. Wanting her to make loyal. Into a killing machine. But it, in a way, failed. Now she only has the robo eye. Not remembering her family. Of what once was

She spent 10 years training in the art of ninjutsu. Now a trained killer. Believing that her one reason for life is to do what others want her to do. Mainly to kill.

Her timezone is the start of an apocalypse. Meaning that not alot of people are around. And she wants to kill whom ever is still around. But only wants to kill them if someone wants them dead
Apocalyptic times. You can call it future mobius or another dimension. But whatever you call it, it was vacant. Abandoned/run down buildings. Not much life
Good with knife
Ninja skill
Strengths- sharp things, speed, weapons

Weakness- being surrounded, kitchiko, anything that will make her "memory chip" (given to her when being made a robot to make her forget her family and be loyal to kitchiko) malfunction

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