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Original Character


Neutral Good
Twilight Fades

Comet is a blue echidna with spikes,gloves and shoes.He has 2 spikes on his shoes as well as the Spirit bracelet,a reminder of his mission to revive Tikal.He also has a scar,from fighting Tails Doll.He has the same gloves and shoes as Knuckles but his fur color is cyan.His warrior feather is a neat accessory he found in Marble Zone.He has a burn on his leg from the fire in his town.His final accessory,a rose in his glove,to remind him Tikal is always there for him.His goal is to resurrect Tikal so they can be together again.He has not found his love yet,and he believes Tikal is his love.
Comet thinks like Knuckles,but more tactical.He prefers to outsmart opponents,and take them down with magic.He does not rage in a fight and is a technical fighter.He will use strategy over brute force,because he knows brute force could lead in his destruction.He is a glass cannon and keeps foes at a distance with magic.If unsure what to do,he takes a guess.He also gets scared easily,as he is frightened by Darkness,bugs,spiders,heights,etc.
Comet was born before Tikal's father decided to destroy the altar. The same day the altar went up in flames, his parents were killed in the fire,but he survived.Tikal found him knocked out and granted him immortality,but she had to sacrifice her life to do it.Comet woke up,to see his home in flames,and Tikal dead.To see his best friend on the floor dead was something he couldn't forgive himself for letting happen.500 years later,he knew he needed to resurrect Tikal with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.Hopefully,he will be able to.
-Tikal(Close Friend)
-Tails(Best Bud)
-Silver(Best Bud)

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