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Roxanne the Hedgehog
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



Roxie the Hedgehog
Dark Brown
Bright orange-pink
Neutral Neutral
Unbreakable Heart

Roxanne has dark brown hair with lighter highlights. It goes down to her knees, so she keeps it in the separate braids that hang loosely. Her bangs are held back by a crown on her head, but she hardly ever wears it. When her bangs hang , they often sweep to one side, but still fall in her face. She has a right gaged ear that is a size 8, and to diamond studs and one golden, small hoop on her left ear. She has bright orange-pink eyes that have a yellow tint and sometimes they change color with her mood or other people's mood. Roxanne usually wears a black shirt that is almost sleeves and stops two inches below her 'chest'. Then she has black skin tight pants with two chain/belts hanging from both sides. There's a belt around her waist that is Red. Red line goes down the side of each of her pant legs. Her shoes are black with an inhibitor ring above each shoe. They have teal soles that light up when she runs and a red line that helps her slightly levotate. Roxie has plum purple skin and three designs on each arm that are bright turquoise. She has a streak of turquoise on the outter part of each eye. Her eyelashes are dark black. She only wears mascara and chapstick. She has no skin color on her besides her orange crush/peach muzzle and the inside of her ears . She has a small patch of chest fur the barley hangs out the top of her shiry. When she is not wearing her black outfit, she'll usually wear a blue or purple top that is elbow length and is sort of loose, and blue denim or black skinny jeans.
Roxanne can be very cold hearted at times. Since she doesn't know who to believe or trust, she stays quiet and exiles herself from other. Her friends, or 'companions', are the only ones who ever hear her talk when she's moody, but when she is herself, she can smile and laugh and act like a normal hedgehog, rather than a creation. She can usually tell whn something is wrong. On the outsides, she may seem tough and confused, but she is always good for some types of humor. Knowing that to live normal, you must act it. Roxanne is very open minded and a geat person when you get to know her. Yes, she does infact have flaws. She can't keep her temper in check and is constantly yelling at the people who annoy her. Many have learned to live with it as others just leave. But, all in all, Roxanne is kind hearted and cares for others. Shes always putting others before her and makes sure of their safety before her.
In the year of 5885, Mephiles has come back as king. In order to not seem as a threat, he creates three 'children'. The oldest is Amberly. She was created 15 years before the others. Then, Roxanne was created. With the help of some intelligence, she becomes the next Ultimate Life. Said to destroy anything, manykept their distance. Once Roxanne was 15, she was rrecognized as princess and hero of new mobious. When her little brother, Lesageron, came, Mephiles made his plan. Roxanne had many friends. One of her closest was Aonic. Aonic was a creation like no other. Smart, intelligent and smooth, he was the first to earn roxies trust and neart. Made by Lord Ooho, he was suppose to be an exact replica of Sonic the hedgehog, but something went wrong and Aonic turned out eggplant purple with matted fur and baby blue eyes. His personality wasnof one roxanne crazed. He was not nicd and kind. He was a villian, pure an evil, but acted as smooth as a criminal.
Roxanne, Amberly and Lesgeron were sent to the past in Sonics time to destroy him. All their ages were chanhed. Amberly, 12, roxanne 7 and Lesageron 3. An accident happened and Roxie lost Sage (lesageron). She was lost until she stumbled upon shadow the hedgehog. They didn't get along, but as the years passed, they grew on eachother. When Roxie was 13, she met Sonic and company. Sonic was an annoyance to her, but she soon realized that she liked him. Then Sage and Amberly cam back for vengence and banned Roxanne to the future in Silvers time.
Alone and scared, she met Konan and Anne-Marry. Konan was 18 and Anne-Marry was 4. They took care of n Roxie and made her family, then when she was 16, Sage killed the two, leaving Roxie in despare. Later on, Sonic had come back for her and took her back to is time. She has tried to forget the past and move on, but itmwas impossible since she was built to destroy the one she loved. Shadow took her in once again and they practically became brother and sister. Who knows what could happen next
Roxanne lives in the future where there's white buildings everywhere. Her home is in the wild, but she stays in the Grand Castle. Her surrounding are nothing but buildings and building, markets and houses. The only thing that wasn't white was the castle, which was a burning crimson and gold, with smokey grey.
Roxanne uses a double bladed samurai sword, but most of the time she uses hand to hand combat and her powers. Her powers are dangerous so she must control then. She was created with the essences of Iblis and Solaris. She can let a boltnof electricity shoot out of her palm, and when she glares at u, it sends vibrations through the air and pressures your head, giving yoirself a headache.
Roxie is very weak when it comes to hurting the ones she cares about. She goes weak and loses energy when, 1 Aonic is hurt or injured badly, or, 2, she goes by choas emeralds.
She regains energy by meditating or colliding with Sol Emeralds.
Roxies friends:Sonic, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Knuckles, Tails, the choatix, Scourge, Zone Cops and Aonic, Blaze.
Enemies:Mephiles, Sage, Amberly, Eggman, Amy, Sally..
Annoyances:Sonic, Amy, Choas.

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