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Deed Twins
Feature Character


Chaotic Evil
Circus (Brittney Spears )

They are twins that are exactly alike each other , they have a white hat with a red jester jacket and white shorts with big red boots , they have white makeup with pink cheeks each one . They carrie the old bazookaof their mom , machine guns and two candy_like decorated bats
They are blonde actually because when they use theirdisguise its a red clown wig .
*This is hereditary from their mom. *

They arelike a normal hedgehog but theyhave the agility of a olympic gymnastic ,they have been at trpuble with cpps several times so they like to carry in case of emergency a bag with all thheir most deadliest "jokes"
They feel the nesesity to serve their uncle Dr.eggman by forming a gruop called. " Egg Squad ",they can be very anxious ,annoying , serving and pissy sometimes but most of the time they are relaxed and just wanna have fun .They can be very explosive and energetic when its talking about a bug adventure or just casing disasteers at Planet Mobius .They arr looking for a perfect cuople like their mom had so many years ago ,They like sometimes and laugh at peoples misfortune ,
They where calmed and stable secretaries until they found out who was their mom :Eggmans ex_girlfriend ,so they followed the bad steps of her mother becoming into the Deeds*Deily and Deere Quin * They tried to get revenge on sonic for mistreating their. "Lovely uncle " But they both ended up beeing traped in Greenhill's. Jail .
At an old eggbase her mother and eggman had in the past .Theysometimes like to remember the old days by invading the Mobius circus
They are extremely agile fighting and acrobatic and handle with a variety of deadly weapons disguised as girl toys , they are resistant and have a wacky attitude ,
They dont have superpowers or weaknesses ,except they piss off qhen somebody reminds them about their mom .

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