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light blue
Lawful Good
jibun rock

he has light blue fur and brown eyes and shoes like sonic except speedy has laces instead of straps and has 6 spikes on his hair and white gloves and red shoes with cuff like socks and he has a round belly,2 spikes on his back,a short tail and a round black nose and his laces are white with light gray aglets,he has short ears and cuff like sleeves on his gloves and has peach skin and he has a round body.he has a golden buckle on each of his shoes.he has a smooth mouth on his face.he is kind of like sonic but different in form.
he's fast like sonic and strong like knuckles ,he's smart,kind,cheerful,cocky and short tempered yet he has a heart of gold and he's very compassionate with a strong sense of justice,he's also very sensetive and emotional sometimes.he also likes to travel and find adventure.he's has a strong like for sonic just like sonic's fangirl amy rose the hedgehog but keeps it a secret from nobody and is sometimes ignorant and forgetful he also afraid of his past and future but he always tries to leave both of them behind.
speedy was born in november,16,2001,In 2013,he meet sonic and started to like sonic then he become one of his fans and started to travel around his world to see sonic's world.He's researches and see what does without letting sonic or any of his friends,rivals, and/or enemies knowing.He now travels through sonic's world finding adventure and different things in mobius.
he lives in a house far away from sonic's world where he lives with his brother,2 sisters and his mom and dad.
speedy can run at subsonic speed but can run really fast up from 12mph to 89 mph to 753.84 mph,he can also spindash, and do a homing attack on emenies,and can do punch,and is an expert extreme gear rider,grinder,and can do chaos control and absorb chaos energy,he can transform into super form,hyper form,etc.
he's sensitive and easily upset,he is forgetful,he's easily angered,he can't swim like sonic,if speedy doesn't get plenty of food and/or sleep,he gets very tired.

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