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JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Feature Character




Human Soldier
Light Brown
Navy blue
Neutral Good
Asking Alexandria - Break down the walls

Thick standard issue green combat armor and clothing , black combat boots with metallic grey leg armor, black military style gloves , Utility belt with various gear and pouches, Metallic grey advance combat helmet
Multiple weapon systems.
Height 6'1 foot tall
Weight : 190lbs
Fairly built but nothing like a body builder more like a typical soldier. Has 2 Scars. One across his bottom lip the other down the left side of his cheek. However due too the nature of a unknown cause Doom keeps his helmet firmly on his head and refuses too show his face too any one.
Doom has been known too be a cold hearten and almost emotionless man when in combat how ever those few rare who manage too not get a bullet between their eyes see he is a caring and kind soul who still is a soldier at heart too protect those who are around him and treat him with kindness.

On the attack DooM uses his multiple weapons he stole or took with him too fight his enemies too the point of overkill. He will more then likely wipe out an entire area just too make sure a single enemy is nothing more then a pile of ash.

Apart from this he keeps too himself most of the time and stays far away from contact unless its absolutely needed too. The most distinct feature of this soldier is that his real identity has never been seen or has removed the helmet off his head thus most refer too him as the unknown renegade.
Doom the nickname given too the wayward rebel G.U.N marine that was and is still branded as a renegade too the eyes of the military he once served. Prior too his current status. Doom was a born and bred human dwelling in the main city of Station square. Al tho notable signs in early age of him acting different among the rest of those in his age. He had a strangely high reaction time which was beyond human standards. After finishing his school he was drafted into the G.U.N military. Once a struggling student he shined in the military doing very well on his training an scores. Deployed on Numerous missions with his unit against different foes raging from the Dark legion , the robot legions of Ivo robotnick and even once having too take on the Freedom fighters. However just like every other soldier he was just a number nothing made him stand out till one day. His unit and 4 other teams had been assigned too protect a highly sort after complex owned by the military contractor for G.U.N the M.A.C they were the leading in weapons and technology for them and were working on various projects but one was above the rest. The technology of instant teleportation travel.

Seems like a good idea. As time went on personal began too tell stories of voices , shadows, monsters. These stories spooked every one but no one really believed it. Until during a routine test for of the portal something went wrong very wrong.

The gate burst open with a red Aura and out from it poured horrific creatures , ghosts , demons spirits. They swept over the base killing or possessing any one in there path. The 4 military teams moved too engage. Doom was left behind too save guard the armory, hearing distorted shouts of back up and gun fire Doom stood where he was until soon enough he was the only man alive every one was now either twisted or dead. He knew he had only one choice too fight his way too the Gate Way and either shut it down or destroy it.

Packed too the brim with weapons the lone soldier fought against the demons and monsters gunning down all who stood before him. Upon reaching the Gate way before he could shut it down he was sucked into the rift of the Gate. On the other side it looked like hell The sky was blood red, rivers of blood , sounds of screams and horror and demon like creatures.

Doom fought hard and long finally coming face too face with the one who set every thing in motion. a tall powerful half demon half machine. After a 4 hour long battle Doom managed too vanquish the creature which allowed him too return back too his world shutting down the gate. Mentally shaken and broken he sat down trying too wrap his head around what he had just been through.

But soon enough his ordeal was not over. G.U.N had sent in kill squads...they wanted no survivors of this situation and DooM now had no choice but too flee from those who he once served. Now on the run and branded as the one who caused all this Doom is the Renegade G.U.N soldier still battling those creatures who leak into the real world seeking redemption and way too once and for all destroy the Gate way that caused so much destruction.
Doom lives here there and pretty much every where. He is on the move almost 24/7 due too the threat of being found and captured.
Doom holds not super abilities other then his inhumanly fast reflexes. With the ability too react fast too situations and counter attack with rapid successes.

His primary is overwhelming firepower. Doom is a soldier and his collection of weapons is vast. Ranging for weapon pistols too state of the army Large experimental plasma guns. He refuses too use close range combat as he loves bullets and explosions.
Dooms greatest strength is his willingness too fight in the face of bad odds, his desire too help others and his selfless nature. His other strength comes from his weapons which some being extremely powerful but also ammo hungry.

His weakness is close range melee combat. As DooM is just a regular human he posses some decent strength but nothing too rival other powerful beings. He can also be some times cold hearted and will often disregard others safety too get the job done. Being sociable is another weakness but after some time if others take the effort they soon discover another side too him.
Dooms arsenal consists of the following.

Melee combat : Reinforced tungsten tipped teeth Chainsaw.


Berretta F92 Pistol

H.A.R.D ( Heavy assault rifle design) : firing 7.62mm bullets

Vulcan 1270 Double barrel shotgun

M22 Striker Pump action shotgun.

M139 Hailstorm Minigun

Hammer RPG launcher

Blizzard G2 Experimental Plasma rifle

Devastator 9000 Plasma Cannon

Firestorm Inferno thrower.

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