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Sid the hero
JUNK BINNED / REJECTED Original Character



black or dark brown
Neutral Good
his world (crush 40)

Sid is a brown humanoid-like being with long black skinny antennae with each 4 small black thin spikes sticking around and they are both drooping down to the back of his head, a pair of pink butterfly wings with accessories showing, and a brown bushy squirrel tail. He also has a pair of big white 2D bulgy eyes with no irises and small black pupils, lacks a nose and ears, has a 2D mouth that lacks lips, a pink tongue, and has no eyebrows nor eyelashes showing, and also has black or dark brown hair.
Sid has a pair of red, white and gray plaid shorts, two green and black shoes with a white strap around each shoe, cuff-like socks, and white gloves with cuffs. Sid sometimes doesn't wear a shirt or pants unless he needs to.
By obtaining the chaos emeralds, Sid's skin turns yellow, his eyes turn brown and his antennae and tail turns upward. He also has a gold aura.
By gathering the super emeralds, Sid looks just like his super form, except his skin turns multicolored-white and he sparks like invincibility.
Dark spine
By getting 3 of the negative world rings, anger, sadness, and hatred, Sid has indigo-purple skin, lacks pupils, a mouth, gloves and shoes, has golden ring cuffs on his wrists and ankles, has a strap around each foot, and has two stripes over his head.
By gaining the power of the 3 scared swords and Excalibur, Sid wears golden and gray armor with a red gem on his forehead and has a red cape on his back.
Were hero
By gaining dark gaia's energy, Sid turns into a werewolf-like version of himself every time the sun goes down. In this form, Sid has dark blue furry skin and squirrel tail, whitish blue furry cuffs around his wrists, razor sharp claws and teeth and a light blue belly.
His shoes are dark green with each having a gray strap with spikes around it, the rest of his attire never changes though.
Super dark
By combining the power of the fake emeralds with his anger, Sid's skin and attire turns black and he lacks pupils. his antennae turns upward.
If Sid gets a bad hair, He will get very angry and grows into a giant, muscular monster with sharp claws and teeth.
Sid's clothes get torn every time he gets bigger.
Level up
Sid is able to change clothes and disguises in order to blend in, or stay out of trouble.
Sid is sarcastic, aggressive, fearless, bossy, headstrong, independent, brave, short tempered, free-spirited, adventurous, impatient, a little merciless to his enemies and tough as nails. His temper arguably even surpasses amy's temper, He's makes his own decisions and isn't afraid to put his foot down.
Despite his fearless demeanor, Sid is kind, caring, forgiving, helpful, friendly, forgiving, good hearted, benevolent, fearful and willing to help sonic and his friends when needed at any cost. He hates injustice, cruelty and depression in all its forms, he explodes with anger and/or sadness when witnessing it and will do anything to end it. He has a pacifist side which makes him calm, cool, and collective and uses it when other are in a bad mood, this might mean he uses his anger when necessary or when he doesn't know it, though his pacifist side makes him nave, insecure and easy to cry sometimes. He often becomes depressed when he has made someone cry and is able to feel guilt when it happens, though he sometimes get angry when other attack or get angry at him and will do anything to get back at the person who got attacked until he gets an apology.
Sid is also ingenious, witty, serious, creative, confident, quick-witted, inventive, tech savvy, clever and wise. Sid has a remarkable and ginormous IQ, able to outsmart anyone even if they are smarter than him, Sid has great knowledge of Sonic, his world and beyond his world, which might mean he is omniscient and able to predict the future and the past of sonic, which sometimes amazes but annoys and confuses sonic and his friends, He is often annoyed and bothered when sonic and his friends jump to conclusions and will do anything to prove them wrong. Because of his IQ, he turns out to be a know it all and brag about how smart he is but in the end he apologizes and promises not to do it again, even though he forgets sometimes.
Despite this, Sid is at times very excitable, scatterbrained, inattentive, klutzy, happy-go-lucky, forgetful, quirky, and easily confused sometimes. He is curious and sometimes doesn't know a lot of big words and how to build, but he always know how when looks it up, He's a practical joker with a love for comedy and humor and is very funny when needed, This is his hyperactive side and he uses it to make his friends laugh and make fun of his enemies, though he sometimes uses it at the wrong time which annoys and/or confuses sonic and his friends.
Sid is suspicious and slightly paranoid for the weirdest reasons and lacks social skills. He always speak his mind, even if it comes across as socially uncalibrated, and his paranoia sometimes gets him into trouble during social situations. Sid is not the most trusting individual and is full of outrageous suspicions (though his instinctive skepticism often turns out to be quite accurate). He is very superstitious and senses danger and conspiracies everywhere, which leaves him in a state of constant stress. While the concepts of sharing, compassion, and friendship are foreign to him, Sid has a good heart and a genuine desire to get closer to Sonic and his friends and will do anything to help them on their adventures, though he is also completely comfortable being alone, and is fiercely loyal to them. However, this also creates an internal struggle for him; on one hand he is not sure he can handle the life with them, especially when they're angry, but on the other hand, he loves his friends and wants to hang out with them.
For a boy of his size and age, he is shown to have amazing physical strength. Sid can send a piko piko hammer with one pluck. and he can occasionally flip or wrestles people who are much bigger than himself, and can knock out anyone by pinching their wrist, elbow or nerve cluster.
Perhaps her most prominent trait is her immense appetite and love for food (especially meat or anything meat-flavored).
Sam seems to be somewhat of an artist, drawing very elaborate doodles like sonic and his friends.
It is shown that He doesn't like the word panties.
It is shown that Sid can speak Italian and is even apparently fluent in it.
Sid can sometimes be secretly jealous when sonic, cream or any other of his friends don't need his help and already have someone help him but isn't out to get rid of them and is sometimes happy for them but can sometimes get angry and not get involved when necessary.
In this personality, Sid is a kind hearted tough guy and a force to be reckoned with.
Sid's past is unknown, He studied sonic and his life. Though he did see sonic in the event of when sonic and tails first met the wisps and didn't want him to see him now because he doesn't know about his personality or his past. So he went back in time to the day before sonic and tails met knuckles and went to meet sonic and tails. But when sonic found out about Sid's fearsome tendency, Sonic becomes disgusted and angrily told Sid to leave, which Sid did in depression. Sid then sat on a rock in sadness. Until Sid heard an explosion and went to find out what it is. When he found out he saw Egg man attacking the island and sonic and tails captured and went to help them, he set sonic and tails free, saved the animals and defeat egg man with one kick, which made egg man's invention explode and set egg man flying saying he'll be back very loudly. Sonic and tails were impressed and Sid apologized to them along with sonic and tails apologizing too. Then they both forgave each other and waved good bye hoping they'll meet each other again. In the death egg, egg man studied Sid and found about his dangerous demeanor and hatred for injustice, which he decided to use against him then laughed maniacally.
Sonic Adventure
Sid was just napping under his tree when he found a mysterious water chaos creature named chaos and saw that he had a chaos emerald and angrily punched chaos in the back demanding chaos to give the chaos emerald, which angered chaos and decided to fight him which Sid agreed on, When Sid won, chaos turned into a puddle and egg man appeared with another chaos emerald which he throw at chaos and chaos ate it and become stronger, Sid was disable to defeat it and it beat up Sid in a knockout and went away, which angered Sid and promised he'll get even with chaos, Sid went to look for the chaos creature but then found Amy fighting ZERO which got Sid's intention to help her, which he did, Once he did , he saw Amy angry at him saying she wanted sonic to help her, which annoyed Sid and he went away while Amy was yelling at him, On Sid's search for chaos, he was getting hungry and tried find a place for a quick bite, but then bump into Big the cat who was crying asking him to help him find Froggy, which Sid did and found froggy hopping in the forest and also saw chaos with egg man then Sid went after them but they escape, To Sid's dismay, He went to go look for them again, leaving big behind in the process. He was still hungry but saw sonic and tails looking for the chaos emerald, and went to see if they needed help, but they said no which Sid respected and went to go find chaos. When he was standing up a hill, he was looking at the sky with his arms crossed and he was seen with a frown, thinking of how chaos defeated him and his revenge to chaos which angered him and he went to continue his search but fall on knuckles which angered knuckles and tried to punch him for that but Sid dodged his attack and chop his arm which infuriated knuckles and challenge him to a fight, which Sid did and promises to find chaos after this. Once Sid won, he helped knuckles up and walked away to search for egg man and chaos. Sid found chaos and saw he had 6 chaos emeralds which made him a powerful fierce beast and wanted to do round 2, which Sid did, once he won, Sid looked at chaos escape and went home but then figure about chaos' history without Tikal and said sorry quietly to himself while walking back home.
He found chaos turned into perfect chaos from all 7 chaos emeralds and helped sonic and his friends defeat perfect chaos, Once chaos was defeated he saw the Chao chaos was protecting and saw him along with Tikal disappear and tried to fix the city and that was the end.
Sonic Adventure 2
He saw found a black hedgehog named Shadow and saw how every body thinking that Shadow looked like Sonic and decided to prove them by
Sid is usually traveling around Mobius and through time, space and dimensions, looking for reasons, information and adventure in different ways, Though in Mobius he does live inside the ground under a tree in one of the far reaches of Mobius.
Super Speed
Sid has a very fast running speed, able to catch up with sonic and run faster than anyone slower than Sonic, He's also able to scale up vertical walls, run over the surface of water, plow straight through enemies, and create a fiery explosion that will blow away anyone in his way.
He's also able to eat 7 foods in under a minute and can be able to quickly dodge and counter an opponents attack without failure and can also create tornados and cyclones with astonishing speed and can fly in fast speeds.
Agility and Reflexes
Sid has outstanding kineticism, precision, and reaction time to match, he possesses perfect agility and reflexes to boot, able to dodge lasers and incoming obstacles with great movements, along with triple, double and wall jumps. he can do amazing airborne tricks before landing. Sid also sense attacks and dangers beyond his sight due to his sharp reflexes. Sid has incredible jumping skills, allowing him to jump to several meters high, even when carry extra weight with him.
Super Strength
Sid possesses a huge degree of super strength, able to pick up or push heavy objects, send a piko piko hammer away with one flick, run without extra weight slowing down, tear apart a giant robot with his bare hands, punch through metal and cinderblocks, dig through big rocks, and kick a soccer ball up to sky with great power.
Super Durability
Sid has several times shown extreme resilience to damage. able to survive crossfires from all angles by egg man's robots, withstand any kind of explosion, being pummeled by swords, punch through walls and robots without any discomfort, survive huge impacts from free falls at extreme heights, and withstand atmosphere from space.
Indomitable Will
Sid possesses an indomitable force of will, in situations where most others would give up and resign themselves to defeat or imprisonment, and where he is severely outnumbered and outgunned, he never loses faith in himself and never surrenders. This trait enables him to keep on fighting even when utterly exhausted or after taking an abnormal amount of physical punishment, and even withstand mind-controlling powers.
High Omniscience
Sid has extensive knowledge of just about any subject in the universe and beyond, making him nearly all-knowing. He is also one of the few, if not only individual who can understand the language of Animals. However, he is also omniscient, able to predict future and past outcomes, While others jump to conclusions and think things that aren't true, Sid knows who is really coming and what is going to happen afterwards.
Sid has the ability to achieve flight. By using his wings, he can lift himself off the ground and fly around in mid-air like a plane. While in flight, Sid can move around with outstanding agility and mobility at incredible speeds, Sid can times find way to even fly without wings.
Super Intellect
Sid has a remarkable IQ, able to outsmart almost anyone, even eggman. He can be able to think of many ideas and fool many people, like he built his own escapable cage to capture himself so he can get eggman's lair (which worked in the process), then found out team chaotix were entering the blue typhoon while the others thought it was the meterax
.His super strength
.He has a remarkable IQ, able to outsmart and fool anyone even people smarter than him
.His pacifist side, he's able to make allies very easily
.His hyperactive side, he can be able to make anyone laugh when needed
.His speed and his immense appetite
.His scary, fearsome temper and fearless demeanor can scare enemies and protect friends
His fearless demeanor can scare others and start fights
His hyperactive side can annoy others and cause trouble
His pacifist side can make nave and simple- minded
His love for food and meat often makes him an easy target
Sonic the hedgehog (Friend, Ally, Moral Guardian, Hero)
Sonic is Sid's hero, friend and moral guardian. Sonic's hatred for oppression makes Sid a nuisance to sonic and thanks to Sid's love for sonic, Sid sometimes listens to sonic which sonic the second person able to control Sid's temper and aggression, the first being cream and cheese. Sid sometimes angry at sonic when he hits him or punishes him when Sid's fearsome behavior becomes too far and tends to attack him but only stops when sonic apologies and feels horrible about what did to his hero and apologizes back, which makes his relationship with his hero complicated but easy to explain.
Despite this, Sonic does not see Sid as an annoyance in the true sense of word, One day when sonic found out that Sid saved one of his friends from being destroyed and felt regretful and depression for make someone cry, Sonic found out that Sid is a kind hearted hero with a fearsome and sarcastic demeanor and smiled when he saw that. Which might mean that Sonic likes Sid just not his mean side.
Though Sid is one of Sonic's biggest fans, Sid doesn't let it get to his head and is okay with other fans in Mobius liking him, though gets jealous and angry when he sees sonic doesn't want him around right now but never gives up and always finds a way to help when needed.
When he showed sonic his powers, Sonic was impressed and Sid went away happily.
Tails the Fox(Friend, Ally, Moral Guardian, Hero)
He and tails have a remarkable friendship together, though Because of Sid's dismay for big words and tech savvy attitude, His relationship with tails was uncertain.
Cream the Rabbit and Cheese(Friend, Ally, Younger sister-in-law)
Sid first saw cream and cheese at sonic advance 2 where they were captured by Egg man and saw how cute they were and decided to save them, Once he did, went smiling and his heart grew even bigger than before and had to go see what sonic was doing though felt bad about leaving them.
Sid cares about cream and cheese's well-being and will do anything for them, though cream and cheese disliked Sid's sarcastic demeanor and mean side, Sid will always make sure that protecting and caring for cream and cheese is one of his top priorities.
Despite this, Cream and cheese do not hate Sid or see Sid as a mean person in the true sense of word, likewise, when she saw Sid save sonic and gave her a gift for her and felt guilty when he made someone cry, they knew that Sid was a kind caring hero who will do anything to save the world which made her happy.
When Sid sees others caring for and protecting cream and cheese without him, He usually doesn't mind and doesn't let it get to his head but sometimes gets jealous when they don't need him around right now, but will always like them no matter what happens.
Amy Rose(Friend, Ally, Friendly Rival, Younger Sister-In-Law)
Sid and Amy are kind of Friendly rivals, they often argue, insult and sometimes despise each other and kind of switch morals, mostly Sid as the mean one and Amy as the nice one, Though they sometimes have the same personality as each other, Though Sid is more dangerous and stronger than Amy, and they have different abilities, Sid sometimes doesn't use weapons and sometimes uses his bare hands though sometimes uses a butter sock to attack and Amy uses her piko piko hammer for self defense and when she's really angry. Unlike some sonic characters, Sid isn't afraid of Amy's anger, even when she does her hammer space ability, and often finds it more annoying than threatening and sometimes find her as a legitimate opponent, though sometimes jokes around her and stays vigilant when necessary and usually wins in arguments and other competitions especially the insult game
Despite this, He cares about her well-being and hates it when she cries, though only feels bad for her when the problem was caused him in the first place and would never do anything to hurt her, He will do anything to protect her from harm ways.
He sometimes become Amy's voice of reason and is willing help solve problem that requires IQ bigger than egg man's and show her what an even stronger attack.
While he doesn't mind anyone caring for cream and cheese, He sometimes gets jealous cream and cheese begs

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